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Our Arduino shop provides the latest Arduino boards and modules, easy-to-use kits and hardware, so you will find everything you need for your project right here!

Choose from a range of official Arduino products and electronics from Arduino shields to boards – including the ever-popular Arduino Uno. As one of the top UK Arduino suppliers, we can tell you this microcontroller board is one of the best interfaces, and has been designed for artists, designers, tinkerers, and everyone in between.

We also have Arduino kits to suit your needs, including starter kits in a range of languages. All you need is an open USB slot. Looking for different input capabilities? You’ll find Arduino-compatible boards, shields and kits for sale at OKdo that are designed to suit a range of projects.

There are so many projects to choose from and the possibilities are endless. For ideas of what to do with your Arduino, head over to our projects hub. There you’ll find lots of useful information and articles, including how to get started with the Arduino Nano 33 BLE. Here, you can discover how to program the Nano 33 BLE to become a beacon that broadcasts messages to a mobile phone. Take a look at this and more now and get inspired!
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138 items
Top pick
Seeeduino Xiao Arduino Microcontroller
£7.07 incl. VAT
Top pick
Arduino Uno Rev3
£25.68 incl. VAT
Top pick
Arduino Uno Rev3 Smd
£24.30 incl. VAT
Top pick
Nano Every With Out Headers
£13.14 incl. VAT
Arduino Braccio++ Robotic Arm Kit
£510.41 incl. VAT
Arduino Edge Control product image
Arduino Edge Control
£190.73 incl. VAT
Arduino Education Starter Kit AKX00023
£249.47 incl. VAT
Arduino Engineering Kit Rev2 AKX00022
£248.34 incl. VAT
Arduino Nano Motor Carrier product image
Arduino Nano Motor Carrier
£70.74 incl. VAT
Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect
Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect
£28.30 incl. VAT
Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with headers product image
Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect With Headers
£22.96 incl. VAT
Arduino Nicla Sense ME product image
Arduino Nicla Sense ME
£96.47 incl. VAT
Arduino Portenta CAT.M1/NB IoT GNSS Shield
£97.15 incl. VAT
Arduino Portenta H7 Lite
£72.30 incl. VAT
Arduino Portenta H7 Lite Connected ABX00046 product image
Arduino Portenta H7 Lite Connected
£118.49 incl. VAT
Arduino Portenta Machine Control product image
Arduino Portenta Machine Control
£320.70 incl. VAT
Arduino UNO Mini Limited Edition
£50.58 incl. VAT
Arduino Portenta X8
£212.69 incl. VAT
Arduino Nicla Vision
£106.08 incl. VAT
Arduino Explore IoT Kit
£117.90 incl. VAT
Arduino MKR Enviromental Shield rev2
£39.30 incl. VAT
Arduino OPLA IoT Starter Kit
£131.94 incl. VAT
Arduino Portenta Vision Shield – Ethernet
£54.52 incl. VAT
Arduino Portenta Vision Shield – Lora
£68.98 incl. VAT
Arduino Student Kit – English
£67.07 incl. VAT
Arduino Inventors Kit
£23.94 incl. VAT
EcoDuino - An Auto Planting Kit
DFRobot EcoDuino – An Auto Planting Kit
£59.76 incl. VAT
DFRobot Gravity: DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor For Arduino
£6.17 incl. VAT
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor HC-SR04 5V Version
£2.52 incl. VAT
Arduino Nano
£22.22 incl. VAT
Arduino Ethernet Shield 2
£29.40 incl. VAT
Arduino Motor Shield Rev3
£25.68 incl. VAT
Arduino Leonardo With Headers
£23.82 incl. VAT
Arduino Mega Proto Shield Rev3
£5.75 incl. VAT
Uno Ethernet Shield Case
£8.78 incl. VAT
Arduino 9 Axis Motion Shield
£30.48 incl. VAT
Arduino Dipole Antenna Pentaband Outdoor
£5.15 incl. VAT
Mkr Sd Proto Shield
£15.54 incl. VAT
Grove Smart Plant Care Kit For Arduino
£69.82 incl. VAT
DFRobot Romeo V2- Robot Board With Motor Driver Compatible With Arduino Leonardo 
£38.03 incl. VAT
Arduino Mkr Env Shield
£31.16 incl. VAT
Nano 33 IoT Wo/Headers
£25.45 incl. VAT
Coming Soon
Arduino Make-Your-UNO kit
£58.86 incl. VAT
Arduino Starter Kit English
£98.88 incl. VAT
Arduino MKR WAN 1310
£53.28 incl. VAT
Arduino Portenta H7
£105.30 incl. VAT
DFRobot Beetle – The Smallest Arduino Board
£10.92 incl. VAT
DFPlayer – A Mini MP3 Player For Arduino
£10.72 incl. VAT


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