At OKdo, we help companies create automated smart building solutions.

The idea of smart building solutions isn’t a new one – born out of a need for sustainability and innovation, our smart building IoT solutions help businesses to take control of their premises.

How OKdo can help provide smart building solutions

Temperature monitoring

We’ll work with you to create temperature monitoring and control solutions that can help cut running costs, keep you compliant and maintain comfortable temperatures on site. Whether you are required to keep your premises at a certain temperature to comply with the Food Standards Agency or the CQC, our connected building solutions mean that you’re covered.

Air quality monitoring

Keep occupants safe with cutting-edge air quality monitoring solutions. Using IoT, we enable companies to assess levels of pollution in the environment. Using accurate data to make smart decisions, you can keep people safe, productive and comfortable at all times.

Security solutions

Smart tech security solutions are a must if you’re to protect your business and its occupants. Using IoT, we’ll help you to create smart building automation solutions that keep your building secure. Connecting security cameras, LED lighting and VoIP, we’ll empower you to create a building automation system that makes building management simple.

Learn more about our smart building automation systems

To find out more about our smart building solutions, get in touch with our expert team for technical support and advice.

Polyhex DEBIX Model A Board product image

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: DEBIX Model A Single Board Computer

This high-performing industrial grade single board computer is perfect for industry 4.0, IoT, smart cities and multimedia applications. DEBIX Model A is based on a Quad-core i.MX 8M Plus processor and works stably in extreme temperatures of -40℃ to 105℃. Plus, add extra capability to your project with DEBIX I/O and LoRa extension boards.

Arduino Nicla Sense ME product image


This tiny, low-power consumption Arduino board is based on a powerful processor and high-quality Bosch sensors with embedded AI. Ideal for predictive maintenance, robotics, accelerated medical recovery, logistics & supply chain, gas detection, detection of toxic substances, air quality, monitoring of environmental conditions, home automation, etc.

How We Can Help:


Turn your design into a pitch-perfect prototype with our specialist, fast service powered by Ocean Smile.


Use our end-to-end expertise to successfully take your product into mass production.

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How to make a home smarter?

Dive into our incredible selection of Projects for inspiring ideas on how to use smart technology to design and develop smart home automation solutions.


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