Grove Sensors

Our range of Grove sensors has lots of different components ready and available to transform your microcomputer project. From a Grove temperature and humidity sensor to electricity, gas and touch functions, plus accelerometers and joysticks, you can find the right components for the job below.

Many Grove sensors are tools for monitoring changes in your immediate environment. A Grove temperature sensor can report fluctuations in air temperature, while a Grove moisture sensor will detect humidity in soil to help keep your plants healthy.

Other Grove sensors in our online selection can react to triggers such as vibration, fingerprints, infrared light and more. You could experiment with an accelerometer that responds to motion, orientation and location or test out a Grove joystick that resembles those found on gaming console controllers.

All our Grove sensors are quick and easy to connect to your base unit. Whatever your desired application, discover a new range of possibilities with OKdo.
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28 items
Grove – Barometer Sensor(Bme280)
£20.64 incl. VAT
Grove – Round Force Sensor (Fsr402) – 101020553
£16.31 incl. VAT
Grove – Button(P)
£2.22 incl. VAT
Grove – Thumb Joystick
£8.06 incl. VAT
Grove – Button
£2.22 incl. VAT
Grove – Switch(P)
£3.36 incl. VAT
Grove – 2-Channel Inductive Sensor (Ldc1612) – 101020599
£15.30 incl. VAT
Grove – 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer
£11.27 incl. VAT
Grove – 6-Axis Accelerometer&Gyroscope
£16.12 incl. VAT
Grove – 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer 16G Ultra-Low Power
£9.30 incl. VAT
Grove – 5-Way Switch – 111020048
£3.42 incl. VAT
Grove – 6-Position Dip Switch – 111020043
£4.19 incl. VAT
Grove – Adjustable Pir Motion Sensor – 101020617
£8.77 incl. VAT
Grove – Capacitive Moisture Sensor – 101020614
£6.37 incl. VAT
Grove – Co2 & Temp & Humidity Sensor (Scd30) – 101020634
£60.60 incl. VAT
Grove – Electricity Sensor
£7.38 incl. VAT
Grove – I2C High Accuracy Temp Sensor
£5.44 incl. VAT
Grove – I2C Temp & Humidity Sensor
£16.12 incl. VAT
Grove – Infrared Reflective Sensor V1.2
£5.82 incl. VAT
Grove – Mini Pir Motion Sensor
£5.05 incl. VAT
Grove – Multiple Sensor (Bme680)
£24.07 incl. VAT
Grove – Rs232 – 103020192
£8.77 incl. VAT
Grove – Step Counter (Bma456) – 101020583
£7.38 incl. VAT
Grove – Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro
£12.04 incl. VAT
Grove – Time Of Flight Distance Sensor
£15.14 incl. VAT
Grove – Vibration Sensor (Sw-420) – 101020586
£2.72 incl. VAT
Grove – Voc And Eco2 Gas Sensor (Sgp30)
£18.56 incl. VAT
Rs-232 To Ttl Conveter (Max3232Idr) – 103990363
£3.20 incl. VAT


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