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Adafruit Development Boards

Founded in 2005, Adafruit Industries has become a go-to supplier of electronics components for beginners and experienced professionals alike. With an amazing range of Adafruit development boards available to order online from OKdo now, it won't take long to find what you need.

An Adafruit board gives you the power to come up with creative solutions and make your ideas come to life. As open-source products, Adafruit boards are flexible and compatible with several other platforms – including Arduino.

Need a board that can be both standalone and stackable, look no further than Adafruit Feather boards. The M0 Adalogger is a prime example – light, super-thin, and perfect for prototyping.

Looking for a board that's more compact – but still packs a punch? Try the Adafruit Trinket. No bigger than a postage stamp, this mini micro-controller can plug into a computer and program with ease.

If you're just starting out or are a seasoned coder, tap into the full potential of any project you might be working on with our full range of Adafruit proto and development boards today.
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