Proximity Sensors

Also known as a rangefinder sensor, integrating a proximity sensor enables your microcomputer to detect movement and the presence of objects without the need for physical contact. You can discover a range of quality Maxbotix ultrasonic sensors with OKdo to suit your project.

These ultrasonic proximity sensor components work by emitting sonic waves that bounce off target objects and return to the sensor. The sensor determines proximity by measuring the time gaps between sending and receiving the ultrasonic signal. They’re often used for avoiding obstacles, measuring distance and navigating autonomously, whether in a casual or professional application.

Each ultrasonic proximity sensor module is also unaffected by colour and other visual qualities of objects, unlike optical devices. The right Maxbotic ultrasonic sensor for you will depend on factors such as your sensor environment, output specification, sensing range, filtering needs and more.

Whatever your project or function needs, browse our proximity sensor range below and find the right fit for the job.
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