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Meet the BBC micro:bit

OKdo, part of the RS Group, is a manufacturer and global distributor of micro:bit, and we’re dedicated to inspiring the next generation through innovative technology.

What is micro:bit?

The BBC micro:bit V2 is a mini-computer that has been designed to make coding fun and easy to learn. A unique combination of hardware and software empowers students to learn to write code, programme their micro:bit via a PC or mobile, then watch as it brings together the digital and real world.

micro:bit, helping creativity and imagination flourish

The micro:bit has a number of different inputs and outputs that are completely programmable so that students can easily bring their ideas to life – whether it’s creating games, making music, or even controlling robots.

Discover the micro:bit range and empower your students

micro:bit Single

The micro:bit is completely programmable so your students can easily bring their ideas to life! From making games to creating music and even controlling robots.

micro:bit Club

The micro:bit Club is a kit containing 10 lots of bundles of 10 x micro:bit V2 boards as well as the essentials to get powered up and ready to programme – the perfect choice for teaching groups and learning how to code using the micro:bit.

micro:bit Accessories

For an enhanced experience, choose from the range of micro:bit accessories, parts, and add-ons.

Key features of the BBC micro:bit

BBC micro:bit – the next gen, inspiring primary school students to navigate the digital world

BBC micro:bit – the next gen has launched!

BBC micro:bit – the next gen is a partnership between BBC Education, the Micro:bit Educational Foundation and Nominet. Made possible by Nominet’s support, the partnership is donating a set of 30 micro:bits to every primary school across the UK that signs up, along with tons of teaching resources to turbocharge digital learning.

The goal? To equip primary school students with the skills they need to navigate the digital world and shape their own digital future. Plus, they’re aiming to boost their knowledge of computational thinking, programming, digital creativity, and even machine learning.

How is OKdo supporting the BBC micro:bit – the next gen initiative?

Unlocking the future for young innovators

As a manufacturing and global distribution partner for the BBC micro:bit, OKdo, part of RS Group, has a double duty – making the micro:bit classroom kits and getting them into the hands of eager students.

OKdo is playing a big part in this campaign, as one of the delivery partners, manufacturing half of the micro:bit boards and distributing them all over the UK.

The manufacturing of the micro:bit classroom kits will be carried out in our recently announced manufacturing CEM partner in Poland. The distribution will be carried out from the group’s Distribution Centre in Corby.

Dive into the world of micro:bit and the future of coding

BBC micro:bit for Schools: A Guide for Teachers

Report: The Broader Benefits of Learning to Code

Press Release: OKdo selected as a micro:bit Educational Foundation Global Distributor and Manufacturer

This comprehensive guide introduces teachers to all things micro:bit. We’ve gathered all you need to know about micro:bit, alongside creative projects and handy tutorials.

Our extensive research has shown that Computer Science lessons also help improve children’s teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and creative thinking skills.

Together with the best-in-class supply chain and operations expertise of RS Group, OKdo extends the reach of BBC micro:bit computers, giving every child the ability to learn digital creativity and computing skills

micro:bit resources, we’re here to help

We’re all about giving teachers and students the tools they need to spark creativity and innovation with the BBC micro:bit.

Check out our getting started guides and projects.

Looking for Teaching Resources? Check out micro:bit resources and lesson plans on the micro:bit website.

Let’s work together to inspire the next-gen

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