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OKdo Rapid Prototyping

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NeoCortec Nc1000C-8 Evaluation Kit

In stock
5 out of 5

The NeoCortec Evaluation Kit contains everything you need to get started evaluating the NeoMesh protocol. It includes 5 evaluation boards with NeoMesh modules mounted, and it comes with all the PC tools required to interface with the boards. To get you started evaluating the NeoCortec Wireless Mesh Networking Protocol, we have designed an evaluation kit, which will take you through a few easy steps to start sending payload data from one PC to another through the NeoCortec network. Once the basic steps have been completed, you can start building your own application: We have designed the evaluation board such that you can easily interface to your favourite host controller: *USB link to a PC with 2 virtual COM ports. An Application Port to be used for sending and receiving payload data. A System Port to be used for setting the configuration parameters as well as uploading new software releases should they become available. *Arduino® & Raspberry Pi® Open Source microcontroller systems can be connected directly to the evaluation board through the dedicated connecters on the board. *A set of “standard” footprints for microcontrollers such as PIC or MSP430 allows you to prototype an actual design with a microcontroller – without having to make custom hardware. Pin headers allow for easy integration to MCU eval boards or other development boards such as Arduino and similar. In addition to this, the evaluation boards are equipped with Temperature & Humidity sensor, Potentiometer to generate a analog input signal to the build-in A/D converter. Finally there is a series of LEDs which can easily be connected to the GPIOs of the modules to test the digital outputs. The evaluation kit comes with a USB stick, which includes PC tools for sending and receiving payload data through the wireless mesh network, and for configuring and updating the software inside the module. The evaluation kit contains 5 pcs of evaluation boards with the NCxxxx modules installed.

£382.02 incl. VAT

Lantronix Xport Xe Serial To Ethernet Device Server - Xp1001000-05R

In stock

If you're looking for something that will take away the complexity of designing network connectivity into a product, the nifty little XPort is your go-to guy. With networking features including a 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet connection and an SoC with operating system, embedded web server, e-mail alerts and full TCP/IP protocol stack, it incorporates all teh oteh required hardward and software in an extended RJ45 PCB-mounting socket.

£49.85 incl. VAT

Beaglebone Black Rev C

In stock

BeagleBone® Black is an affordable, community-supported, open source development platform for developers and hobbyists of all levels. Boot Linux in seconds and get started on development in less than 5 minutes with just a single USB cable. BeagleBone® Black can be used as a standalone computer or an embedded system.

£47.98 incl. VAT


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