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Raspberry Pi 1

The Raspberry Pi 1 is the first generation in the Raspberry Pi foundation’s now world-famous series of programmable microcomputers. The original Raspberry Pi 1 Model B is now discontinued, but the later-released A+ and B+ versions are still readily available to buy today. The Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ replaced the original Model A in 2014 and is a low-cost option that is ideal if you are new to programming or Raspberry Pi - or just prefer simpler projects. It runs at 700MHz with 512MB of memory and has one USB port. If you’re looking for a slight upgrade on the A+, the Raspberry Pi Model B+ makes the ideal choice. Though functionality is similar between the two boards, the B+ offers three extra USB ports to create further project possibilities. Both Raspberry Pi 1 boards are roughly credit-card sized. Whatever your choice, you will find lots to enjoy about these small but powerful devices. View more View less

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