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The Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a range of compact and powerful single-board computers that were designed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to be an affordable way to help people of all ages and knowledge levels explore the world of programming and computing. The first Raspberry Pi 1 Model B board was launched in 2012, followed by a stripped-back Model A. There have been several family generations of the Pi released from Pi 1 to Pi 4, including the popular Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, advancing in design and performance but staying affordable. A Compute Module is also available intended for industrial/embedded applications. The latest Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is faster and easier to use than ever before! It's available in 3 RAM sizes up to 4GB, it has a quad-core CPU, powered via USB-C, dual display support (4K resolution, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5 and multiple ports including Ethernet, USB and more. What makes the Pi world so exciting is the inclusive community and amount of Raspberry Pi projects, tutorials, forums & videos - there really is no limitation to who can learn to code or what you can do with a Pi. You could build a desktop PC, smart home system, weather station, camera system, games controller, thermometer, WiFi printer...check out our Projects section for more inspiration. To go with your Pi board, we have an amazing range of useful accessories and add-ons including cases, cables, cameras, power supplies, as well as complete Raspberry Pi kits. View more View less

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