MikroE Components, Boards & Modules

Are you working on an Internet of Things (IoT) project? If so, you’ll need the right tools for the job. Here at OKdo, we stock a range of MikroE components, boards and modules that are designed to provide the solutions for your venture. Whether you’re a hobbyist working on something small or you’re a professional developer, you’ll find that MikroE is a dependable name in the world of electronics.

Browse the range of MikroE boards, such as the M-Bus RF Click 169Mhz. This is designed for use with gas, electricity and water meters and comes with a CE-certified wireless M-Bus module. Or there’s the Gnss 4 Click Gps/Glonass board, which is perfect for integration with the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

Look out for regional versions, too. We stock EU and Australia-compatible MikroE boards and components, making it easy to shop by territory.

Take your pick from the selection of MikroE components available here at OKdo to ensure you successfully complete your project.
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15 items
Mikroe Nano Gps Click Board,Mikroe-1912
£65.11 incl. VAT
Gps Click Mikrobus – Mikroe-1032
£53.29 incl. VAT
Mikroe WiFi Esp Click Board,Mikroe-2542
£17.77 incl. VAT
Bt Audio Click Bluetooth Board
£57.42 incl. VAT
Mikroe Gsm2 Click Mikrobus,Mikroe-1375
£49.78 incl. VAT
Gnss 4 Click Gps/Glonass Board
£47.86 incl. VAT
Gsm-Gps Click Transceiver Board
£95.94 incl. VAT
Mikroe Gsm Click Mikrobus,Mikroe-1298
£58.02 incl. VAT
M-Bus Rf Click 169Mhz Board,Mikroe-2048
£52.02 incl. VAT
Mikroe 3G Sara Click Board,Mikroe-2244
£127.79 incl. VAT
Mikroelektronika Gsm3 Click,Mikroe-1720
£59.94 incl. VAT
Enocean 2 Click 2.4Ghz Transceiver Board
£42.42 incl. VAT
Mikroe Gsm/Gnss Click Board,Mikroe-2439
£83.82 incl. VAT
3G-Ea Click Board (Eu And Australia) – Mikroe-2226
£103.33 incl. VAT
Mikroelektronika Gps3 Click,Mikroe-1714
£47.86 incl. VAT


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