Smart Transportation & Automated Vehicle Tracking Systems

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Is keeping track of your fleet driving you up the wall? Getting stressed about the status of your deliveries? At OKdo, we know that you need to keep things moving.

That’s why we’ve introduced the components and computing tech to help you create commercial vehicle tracking solutions – whether that’s in the air, on land or sea.

Whether you run a logistics company, have commercial vans and trucks on the road, or you’re trying to oversee aviation-based transport, transportation management and logistics tracking systems can help you work out where they are and how long things will take.

Who is smart vehicle tracking for?

Our smart transportation automations and vehicle tracking is designed for those who work in logistics and transport. It can work with vehicles on the road, from cars and vans to trucks and private hire motors. These innovations are also ideal for rail networks, as well as sea and air transport.

You might be trying to keep track of deliveries, tracking flights, or transporting goods across the ocean. Whatever the application, you’ll be able to keep up with where things are with our transportation tracking systems.

What technology is used in smart transportation systems?

Scale up with ROCK

With ROCK, you can develop innovative and automated transportation solutions connected and powered by a powerful brain, a credit-card size, robust and high-performing ROCK single board computer.

Our versatile range of OKdo ROCK SBCs will help you incorporate class-leading hardware into your smart transportation tracking systems and ensure they perform seamlessly.

How to know if you need smart vehicle tracking?

So, do you actually need to invest in a smart transportation management system? If you oversee logistics, hire drivers and pilots to transport goods, or even run a private hire vehicle company, keeping up to speed with everyone’s location is crucial. Here’s how to know if you need a smart system:

You can’t keep up: If you’re finding it difficult to keep track of where your deliveries or drivers are, it could be time to upgrade to a smart system.

Your company has grown: It may be that in the past it was easy to know how things were going as your company was a small startup. But now that you’ve grown, it could be time to accept that a quick phone call to your delivery drivers won’t cut it. You need real-time updates so you can book jobs.

You want to keep to the timetable: Maybe you work in public transport and you need your trains or buses to be on time. Perhaps you work in aviation and it’s crucial that the flights are running to schedule. Whatever sector you work in, creating a timetable and ensuring the transport you oversee is where it should be is made even simpler with smart transportation solutions.

You need to plan: If the planning process has become more convoluted, it could be time to opt for automated commercial vehicle tracking systems. This lets you steer those profits in the right direction!

What are the benefits of smart transportation and automated vehicle tracking systems?

You might need to change how you keep track of your fleet or deliveries. You may need to keep up with your container shipments across the map. But why invest in smart vehicle and logistics tracking? Here are some of the benefits:

Smart transportation tracking solutions

Updating customers and clients

Your customers are at the heart of what you do. Investing in the tech that gives them real-time updates about where their deliveries are will help boost satisfaction levels and reduce the risk of complaints.

This can be especially useful if you’re transporting these large-scale items by sea or air and there are likely to be hold-ups caused by adverse weather conditions. You can update your clients with revised timings, ensuring they’re getting the information they need.

As well as keeping your customers happy, online logistics tracking systems reduce the stress placed on the team that handles queries. It also keeps delivery drivers on track and on task.

Keeping track of your schedule

You can use tech to access real-time data, work out average journey times, assess how long jobs take and give you a chance to forecast what’s coming down the road. You can work out lead times and get an idea of how long it will take to get everything where it needs to be.

Similarly, if you need to keep up with the timetable for passengers on a flight or ensure the buses are on time, you’re one step ahead with this tech.

Smart transportation tracking solutions

Maintaining your vehicles and transport

On a practical level, smart vehicle tracking systems allow you to keep up with how your fleet of vehicles is faring. You know how far and how long your trucks and vans, trains and planes have travelled and can easily assess when it’s time for a service or repairs.

Reducing costs

As well as knowing when your vehicles need to be repaired, tracking systems give you the information you need to reduce costs.

First, you’re keeping up with maintenance, so you can catch any issues before they become pricey. Next, insurance costs can be lowered as providers are more inclined to look favourably on vehicles with smart tracking. This is because it means the condition of the vehicle and what happens while it’s on the road can be monitored. Finally, it’s possible to reduce fuel costs as you can work out journey times and plan to the nearest gallon.

Smart transportation tracking solutions

Learn more about our transport management solutions

Browse our development boards and introduce automated vehicle tracking systems to your operation.

To find out how you can introduce smart transportation and logistics management systems to your business, contact our team of experts. We’re on hand to help you find the perfect tech for your organisation.

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