Electronic Prototype Components

If you want to build a circuit as part of your new electronic hardware product, you’ll need to make a prototype to confirm that it’s in working order. Often referred to as a proof of concept prototype, this is usually built using development kits such as those we stock by Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

These are useful for establishing if your project meets the target you’ve set for it. For example, have you created a smart camera? A protype, built using high-quality prototype components, will help you fine-tune it.

We stock a range of electronic prototyping components, designed to help you run the appropriate checks. These include wire jumpers for plug-in style matrix breadboards. These come in packs of 10 leads and are available in male to female, female to female, and male to male variants.

As well as prototype components, there are also enclosures to choose from, including the KKSB Beaglebone, and the KKSB Coral Dev Board.

Whatever electronic hardware project you’re working on, get the prototyping stage prepped by investing in the best quality products. Take your pick from the range of electronic prototyping components here at OKdo.
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13 items
Qoitech Otii Ace Pro DC Power Analyzer
£1,488.00 incl. Sales Tax
Qoitech Otii Arc Pro DC Power Analyzer, 5A Max, 5V Max
£835.20 incl. Sales Tax
KKSB Beaglebone Black & Beaglebone AI Case DIN RAIL
£18.89 incl. Sales Tax
KKSB BeagleBone Black Case / Sancloud (Black)
£15.74 incl. Sales Tax
OKDO Jetson Nano 2GB Metal Case
£15.01 incl. Sales Tax
Qoitech Otii – Power Analyzer, Dc Power Source, Datalogger
£813.60 incl. Sales Tax
KKSB Coral Dev Board Case (Google)
£16.90 incl. Sales Tax
KKSB Jetson Nano Case Compact
£14.86 incl. Sales Tax
Wire Jumpers Male To Female 10 Pcs
£3.71 incl. Sales Tax
Wire Jumpers Male To Male 10 Pcs
£3.71 incl. Sales Tax
Wire Jumpers Female To Female 10 Pcs
£3.71 incl. Sales Tax
Adafruit Smt Breakout Pcb For 48-Qfn Or 48-Tqfp – 3 Pack
£6.36 incl. Sales Tax
Atwinc1500-Xstk Xplained Pro
£92.27 incl. Sales Tax


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