We’re passionate about preparing the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow with our smart education technology solutions. We have partnered with leading education technology companies in the UK, we know that to prepare future generations for the challenges life throws at them, it’s important to equip schools with everything that they need to work efficiently.

Designed specifically for educational institutions, our smart education solutions are ready to help you to establish smart schools from key stage 1 to the university level. Capable of everything from improving campus safety to resource tracking and enhancing the learning experience, we’re paving the way when it comes to cloud technology solutions for education.

We provide end-to-end products and services for every level, as well as tailored educational support for schools, universities and industry. We work with educators, students and parents to inspire, enable and unleash the potential of the next generation.

Let’s code the future together – the possibilities are endless.

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What can cloud technology solutions do for educational institutions?

Improve efficiency

Doing away with paperwork, our IoT solutions help schools to keep track of paperwork and supply management while allowing for joined-up decision-making across the board.

Provide resources management

Resources in schools are precious. By developing smart education solutions for schools, institutions are given the power to make efficiency savings and reduce operational costs.

Drive up education standards

Instead of relying on outdated teaching methods, STEM education solutions help institutions to become connected. Linking learning in school, at home and in the community, we enable schools to provide connected learning environments where students can seamlessly access learning materials from anywhere.

What’s more, our STEM learning solutions can be used to inform students as part of a practical application learning activity.

Improve safety

As well as providing educational institutions with safety tools such as on-demand video and smoke sensors, we’ll help you to create IoT solutions that go far beyond the classroom.

We’re experts when it comes to creating smart transportation solutions using IoT to improve safety on school buses. Combining practical measures such as temperature control with real-time information about a child’s whereabouts and driver behaviour data, our smart transport solutions help keep children safe.

Coding in the classroom reports

“Educating the next generation is at the heart of the OKdo mission. Our research has shown the importance of STEM skills in the classroom, we want to to enable more children to discover coding, science, and help them develop confidence in STEAM learning, while building creative problem solving and critical thinking skills.”

Richard Curtin, OKdo’s SVP of Technology

The Broader Benefits of Learning to Code

Computer Science in the Classroom Report

Classroom projects: Build skills, build confidence

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We’re like the science teacher who created explosions rather than teaching from the textbook.

Show, don’t tell.


A separate education-focused brand, LEGO® Education offers a wide range of kits consisting of LEGO® elements and intelligent hardware to introduce children to robotics and coding in a super fun, colourful and interactive way.

Rethink STEAM learning with fun group work that promotes creative thinking and problem-solving. Kits are available for both Primary and Secondary School aged students; find out more below.

Proud Supporters of the micro:bit Do Your:Bit Challenge

Bringing together the micro:bit and the UN’s Global Goals, the do your:bit challenge provides inspiring activities for your classroom or club in an exciting digital challenge.

Best-selling classroom kits



Learn together and feel empowered with our fun coding for kids projects and kits.

Mathematics ability is more likely to be ‘above expectation‘ among children who have studied computer science.

OKdo Classroom Report: The Broader Benefits Of Learning To Code


Unsure where to start? We’ve compiled helpful tips and practical advice so that you can make coding fun and rewarding experience for your child.


Ideal for learning to code, the Raspberry Pi 400 Kit is a complete personal computer built into a compact keyboard.

Perfect for homework and downtime, it’s the smaller, easier-on-the-wallet portable computer that easily fits into kids’ lives. Code in the Raspberry Pi OS desktop environment, surf the web, create and edit documents, watch videos and lots more. Just plug into a monitor and go.

Unboxing the Raspberry Pi 400

Learn at home with Jasmine

Meet Jasmine Florentine, a Mechanical Engineer with a penchant for fun robot creations and questionable puns. We teamed up with Jasmine to create the Future Engineers series – a fun, interactive guide for children, parents and teachers to participate in the micro:bit Do Your :bit challenge. Now the challenge is over, this video series still makes for a great project for you to work on with your kids at home, at your leisure.

Take a look at the first video and then click the link to view the series.

Best Sellers: Coding For Kids

Higher Education Students

We make it simple for you to achieve your potential. Be empowered with the right products, kits, access to experts, how-to guides and inspirational projects.

Anything is possible. Together we can make the grades and change the world.

Get started, get going, get changing.

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Get started with our expert-created guides. From system setting up to understanding the basic principles that will inspire and see you through countless projects.

How-To Projects

Get inspired and practise your skills with our projects hub. These engineer-created guides will show you how to build and program fun and useful projects using our most popular boards and kits. Perfect for getting ahead in the workroom.


Find more inspiration on our GitHub channel.

Best Sellers: The Student Edit

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