Air:bit 2.0 – micro:bit drone

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Air:bit 2.0 – micro:bit drone

Air:bit 2.0 – micro:bit drone

  • Build a quad-copter from scratch
  • Perfect introduction for students to learn coding, electronics and design in a fun and creative way
  • Can be coded using MakeCode Blocks, Javascript or Python
  • The kit includes essential components such as LiPo battery, propellers, air:bit board, air:bit frame, and more
  • Easily repairable meaning it can be used repeatedly

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The MakeKits Air:bit drone from micro:bit is a Quad-Copter making project. This project consists of an air:bit board for developing the quadcopter, all of materials and components necessary for making the project and is an excellent way to empower students learn coding and complete a STEAM education project with an emphasis on having fun while building a cool drone!


Key Features of the micro:bit drone

A fun and exciting STEAM education project
micro:bit is all about engaging students with creative, practical, and fun STEAM education projects. The MakeKits Air:bit is a Quad-Copter making project where students will learn how to build their very own drone from scratch while learning about electronics, batteries, motors, propellers, coding and other key future skills while having fun.

Programme the drone in multiple coding languages
Once built, the drone can be programmed using MakeCode Blocks, Javascript, Python, or even a ready-made program. Students will then be able to fly their drone intuitively using the motion sensor on a smartphone, tablet, or another micro:bit.

Easily repairable and expandable
The drone itself is built to last, it can withstand crashes and is easily repairable meaning it can be used repeatedly. It is also expandable, if students wish to further develop their skills you can add a collision sensor, buzzer, or camera to enable first-person view flights.

Getting started is easy
We’ve put together a handy getting started guide for the micro:bit drone so your drone can be airborne in no time!

What’s included with the micro:bit drone?

  • 1 MakeKit Lithium (LiPo) battery
  • 1 MakeKit Air:bit board
  • 1 Air:bit plywood frame
  • 1 remote plywood holder
  • 13 nylon screws
  • 11 nuts
  • 4 spacers
  • 4 copper barrel nuts
  • 8 propellers
  • 4 Electric engines
  • 1 red silicone ring
  • 1 Rubber band
  • 4 Wedges
  • Accessory from cardboard box

Please note: the micro:bit board is not included in this kit.





Air:bit 2.0 Single




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