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The Raspberry Pi Pico is the first-ever microcontroller created from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. We love it because it is affordable, powerful and, while it may be small, don't let that deceive you on just how capable it is.

For all the Raspberry Pi Pico parts you’ll need to get going, pick up a Raspberry Pi Pico Kit and see where your imagination takes you! If you’ve already started your journey with this small but mighty circuit, we stock a host of Raspberry Pi Pico add ons to assist your next project.

The Raspberry Pi Pico is perfect if you are looking to learn to program with MicroPython and C++! We have a number of Pico Guides in our getting started hub to help you on your programming journey. You can also get the Official Raspberry Pi Guide. It will teach you how to use the beginner-friendly language MicroPython to write programs and connect hardware to make your Raspberry Pi Pico interact with the world around it.

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi Pico and accessories, we offer next working day delivery on all orders. You can also get free standard delivery on orders over £25, helping you stock up on components. Ordered your Pico kit and not sure what to do next? Head over to our projects page for inspiration. Any questions? Whether you want to know about our products or services, visit our help page, which includes all the handy links you need.
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19 items
Top pick
Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 Microcontroller Board
£4.30 incl. VAT
OKdo Raspberry Pi Pico Kit
£7.20 incl. VAT
Kitronik Discovery Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico (Pico not included)
£12.00 incl. VAT
Kitronik Motor Driver Board for Raspberry Pi Pico
£10.14 incl. VAT
Kitronik Robotics Board for Raspberry Pi Pico
£16.74 incl. VAT
Pico GPIO expansion board
£9.00 incl. VAT
Pimoroni Pico Audio Pack (Line-Out and Headphone Amp)
£13.10 incl. VAT
Pimoroni Pico Decker (Quad Expander)
£11.65 incl. VAT
Pimoroni Pico Display Pack
£13.25 incl. VAT
Pimoroni Pico Explorer Base
£21.98 incl. VAT
Pimoroni Pico Header Pack
£1.55 incl. VAT
Pimoroni Pico Omnibus (Dual Expander)
£7.28 incl. VAT
Pimoroni Pico Proto
£1.75 incl. VAT
Pimoroni Pico RGB Keypad Base
£19.33 incl. VAT
Pimoroni Pico Scroll Pack
£11.92 incl. VAT
Pimoroni Pico Unicorn Pack
£19.22 incl. VAT
Raspberry Pi Pico HAT Expansion
£15.54 incl. VAT
Raspberry Pi RP2040 Microcontroller (Pack of 10)
£11.04 incl. VAT
Official Raspberry Pi Guide: Getting Started with MicroPython on Raspberry Pi Pico
£10.87 incl. VAT


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