Smart Schools & Connected Classroom Solutions

Smart Schools & Connected Classroom Solutions

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Look no further than OKdo.

Smart tech isn’t just for our homes, cars and workplaces; we’re now seeing it in schools too.

Automation in schools is creating advanced learning spaces for children and streamlining processes for teaching staff, making education smoother – and savvier – than ever before.

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Get excited about OKdo’s smart school system solutions and see how they can create a new learning experience for children and teachers alike.

We’re passionate about preparing the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow with our smart education technology solutions.

Having partnered with leading education technology companies in the UK, we know that to prepare future generations for the challenges life throws at them.

So, it’s important to equip schools with everything they need to work efficiently.

Begin with the ROCK series of single-board computers and accessories. ROCK is connected and compatible with accessories that allow you to use AI to control different elements in the classroom, from sending documents to the printer to pulling up lesson plans and more.


Using our ROCK single-board computers and accessories, it’s possible to seamlessly blend traditional tools with advanced automation.

What technology is used in smart schools?

From single board computers that can power EVERYTHING in your building, to many other smart technologies such as security cameras, sensors, and digital display solutions, we’ve got the right hardware and software to connect your classrooms and make your school smart.

Why create a smart school?

A smart school system works like a smart home in many ways. Advanced tech is used to enhance and offer schools solutions. By introducing devices, it’s possible to use voice commands or set buttons to carry out key tasks.

But what tasks can smart automation in classrooms tackle and why should you create a smart school?

Smart Schools & Connected Classroom Solutions

Prepare lessons

Lesson planning takes up a huge amount of time for teaching staff. They’ll work into the evenings and queue for the one printer in the building. In fact, from creating resources to printing lesson plans, the elements that go into each lesson last longer than the lessons themselves!

Introducing IoT to schools makes it possible to send documents to the printer and set up lesson plans by programming information into smart devices and connecting existing hardware to new tech. Smart classrooms mean lessons can be smooth and easy to prepare.

Smart Schools & Connected Classroom Solutions

Create reports

Reports and reporting are tasks that educators do throughout the year. Benchmarking pupils, collating data, and building an overview of each child’s progress can be simplified by using smart school systems.

Voice assistants, for instance, can quickly make and add notes, while smart devices can seamlessly pull together information – ideal if you’re trying to speak to 30 pupils while juggling plans for the next assembly.

Smart Schools & Connected Classroom Solutions

Operate windows, lighting, and blinds

Change the setup in a classroom with a quick voice command or touch of a button – just don’t let the kids cotton on! As with in homes, smart automation in schools works for operating doors and windows as well as lighting.

Teachers can easily close windows and change the lighting, creating a comfortable space for pupils to learn. This can be especially useful in special schools, where children with sensory conditions can be put at ease.

Preventative maintenance

Setting up correct measures in place can help ensure severe damage to the building, the classrooms and the equipment is prevented. One of the most common issues in buildings maintenance is water leakage, which can cause significant damage, sometimes worth millions.

For example, a recent frozen sprinkler at an educational facility has resulted in around $200K worth of damage. However, severe water leak damage can be easily prevented with our smart water leak detection solutions from LAIIER.

Food waste management

Sometimes it can be tricky to predict precisely the amount of food that will be consumed in a day in an educational facility, so food waste may be difficult to prevent.

Incorporate smart food waste management measures to observe how much food is consumed and how much goes to waste to measure and predict the right quantity for your facility, using smart hardware and software from OKdo.

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