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The BBC micro:bit is a mini computer that has been designed to inspire young people to get into technology by making coding fun and easy to learn. A unique combination of hardware and software enables users to learn to write code, programme their micro:bit via a PC or mobile, then watch as it brings together the digital and real world. In addition, the micro:bit has a number of different inputs and outputs that are completely programmable so that creativity and imagination can flourish.

Our micro:bit shop is overflowing with the latest official BBC micro:bit boards, awesome micro:bit kits, as well as amazing add-ons and accessories for your device. Our shop includes a boards area containing the latest version of the BBC micro:bit version 2, the globally successful pocket-computer. Now equipped with an on-board speaker, built-in sleep/off mode, and a new touch sensor, this is an advanced micro:bit for sale here at OKdo.

We also stock a range of brilliant kits to build amazing things including robots, smart watches and complete classroom kits. You can also buy micro:bit add-ons and accessories, from power accessories, to cables for connectivity and expansion boards. Browse the full range of micro:bit accessories for sale now.
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129 items
Top pick
Kitronik :MOVE Motor for the BBC micro:bit
£32.48 incl. VAT
Top pick
Kitronik Discovery Kit for the BBC micro:bit
£12.49 incl. VAT
Top pick
Kitronik :MOVE mini MK2 buggy kit (excl micro:bit)
£27.54 incl. VAT
Top pick
Alligator Leads (10 pack)
£3.54 incl. VAT
Kitronik MI:power board for the BBC Microbit V2
£5.15 incl. VAT
Kitronik MI:pro Protector Case for the BBC micro:bit V1 & V2
£3.94 incl. VAT
micro:bit drone
£138.00 incl. VAT
micro:bit game
£24.00 incl. VAT
micro:bit hovercraft
£120.00 incl. VAT
Solar Cell kit for the Kitronik Environmental Control Board
£9.67 incl. VAT
:MOVE mat line following and activity maps – A1 size
£4.80 incl. VAT
0.2m USB 2.0 Type A to Micro-B Cable, Anthra Line
£1.63 incl. VAT
51mm White Four Blade Miniature Impeller
£0.65 incl. VAT
7-segment for micro:bit
£14.40 incl. VAT
9g 180° Micro Servo (1.6kg)
£3.60 incl. VAT
Air Quality Kit for micro:bit
£45.00 incl. VAT
Animatronic head kit for micro:bit
£45.00 incl. VAT
Enviro:bit Weather Station Kit for micro:bit
£42.00 incl. VAT
KittenBot Health Care Educational 9-in-1 AI Kit
£214.79 incl. VAT
£13.50 incl. VAT
BitCar – Autonomous Line Following & Obstacle Avoiding Car for micro:bit
£23.76 incl. VAT
BitGadget Kit – Grove creator kit for micro:bit
£57.16 incl. VAT
BitMaker – Grove expansion board for microbit (6 Grove ports)
£9.44 incl. VAT
BitMaker Lite – Grove expansion board for micro:bit (3 Grove ports)
£7.54 incl. VAT
BitPlayer – micro:bit game controller
£18.98 incl. VAT
BitStarter Kit – Grove extension kit for micro:bit
£28.52 incl. VAT
BitWearable Kit – smartwatch with strap for micro:bit
£14.22 incl. VAT
Charger Kit for micro:bit
£24.00 incl. VAT
Clippable Servo
£6.55 incl. VAT
CO2 Sensor board for micro:bit
£119.94 incl. VAT
Connector for micro:bit
£7.02 incl. VAT
DFRobot BOSON Inventor Kit for micro:bit
£230.40 incl. VAT
DFRobot BOSON Science Kit for micro:bit
£137.82 incl. VAT
DFRobot BOSON Starter Kit for micro:bit
£66.77 incl. VAT
DFRobot Gravity IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit
£65.76 incl. VAT
Digital Logic Pack for Kitronik Inventor’s Kit for the BBC micro:bit
£10.70 incl. VAT
Edge Connector Breakout Board for BBC micro:bit – Pre-built
£4.99 incl. VAT
Electronic Starter Kit for micro:bit
£40.80 incl. VAT
£21.00 incl. VAT
Environment Science Board for micro: bit (V1.0)
£64.18 incl. VAT
Finch Robot 2.0 Image
BirdBrain Technologies Finch Robot 2.0
£105.40 incl. VAT
Gravity: Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor- Corrosion Resistant
£5.98 incl. VAT
Gravity: HUSKYLENS – An Easy-to-use AI Vision Sensor
£44.22 incl. VAT
Gravity: Non-contact Digital Water / Liquid Level Sensor For Arduino
£9.20 incl. VAT
Hummingbird Base Kit
BirdBrain Technologies Hummingbird Base Kit
£87.68 incl. VAT
Hummingbird Classroom Kit
BirdBrain Technologies Hummingbird Bit Classroom Kit
£642.12 incl. VAT
Hummingbird Premium Kit
BirdBrain Technologies Hummingbird Premium Kit
£158.53 incl. VAT
£56.39 incl. VAT


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