Arduino Education Starter Kit AKX00023

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Arduino Education Starter Kit AKX00023

Arduino Education Starter Kit AKX00023

  • Learn electronics and get started with programming in your classroom step-by-step
  • No experience necessary!
  • Contains everything to empower teachers to teach programming, coding, and electronics with confidence
  • Lessons can be paced according to students’ abilities and can be integrated into your curriculum
  • Teach vital 21st century skills

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Teach your students the basics of programming, coding, and electronics with the Arduino Education Starter Kit. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary as the kit guides you through step-by-step, supported with teacher guides this kit will empower you to teach programming, coding, and electronics with confidence, and lessons can be paced according to your students’ abilities. The kit can be integrated throughout your existing curriculum, giving your students the opportunity to become confident in programming and electronics with guided sessions and open experimentation. You’ll teach them vital 21st-century skills such as collaboration and problem-solving.


What is the Arduino Education Starter Kit?

The Arduino Education Starter Kit contains all the hardware and software you need for eight students (in groups of 2). You get step-by-step lessons, a teacher guide, and exercises, and for a complete and in-depth class experience, there’s also extra optional content including activities, concepts, history, and facts.

The online platform contains the teacher content, nine 90-minute lessons, and two open-ended group projects that teach students coding and electronics. Each lesson builds off the previous one, giving students a further opportunity to apply the skills and concepts they have already learned. Students also get an engineering logbook that they complete as they work through the lessons.

The beginning of each lesson provides an overview, estimated completion times, and learning objectives. Throughout each lesson, there are teacher tips and information that help the lesson go smoothly. Key answers and extension ideas are provided at the end of each lesson.

Benefits of the Arduino Education Starter Kit

  • No prior coding or electronics experience is required
  • Easy to get started
  • Projects are fun and engaging with real-world topics
  • Boost critical thinking, collaborative learning, and problem-solving skills
  • Increase your own confidence in electronics with teacher guidance

What’s included in the kit?

  • The Arduino Education Starter Kit includes:
    • Four Arduino Unos
    • Four USB cables
    • Four mounting bases
    • Four multimeters
    • Four 9v battery snaps
    • Eight 9v batteries
    • 20 red, 20 green, 20 yellow & 20 blue LEDs
    • 20 220 Ohms, 20 560 Ohms, four 1k Ohms, four 10k Ohms resistors, eight 4.7 kOhms
    • Four breadboard 400 points
    • Four solid jumper wires
    • Four small servo motors
    • Eight potentiometers 10k Ohms
    • Eight knob potentiometers
    • Eight capacitors 100uF
    • 20 pushbuttons
    • Four piezo capsules
    • Four phototransistors
    • Four stranded jumper wires black
    • Four stranded jumper wires red
    • Four temperature sensors
    • Four jumper wires female to male black
    • Four jumper wires female to male red
    • Four sets of M3 screws ○ Four sets of M3 bolts
  • Access to an online platform which helps students take their first steps into the world of electronics and invention
  • Specific online content for the teachers
  • 9 step-by-step lessons with up to 25 hours of class time, covering:
    • Basic concepts of electricity
    • Safety in class
    • Schematics
    • Writing code
    • Controlling a circuit
    • Coding concepts
    • Controlling a servo motor
    • Producing sounds, tones, and music
    • Measuring the intensity of light
  • Two open-ended group projects: design, build and program a climate-control system for greenhouse; build a holiday light circuit
  • A logbook for the students to annotate their observations and experiments
  • A version of the logbook with teacher solutions

Curriculum alignment

This education starter kit follows the US Common Standard Concepts in Coding and Electronics.

Key learning values

  • Learn electronics step by step, with no prior coding or electronics experience required
  • Learn about current, voltage, digital logic, and programming









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