OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Model B Starter Kit

In stock

The OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Model B Starter Kit is an exclusive 8-piece kit that includes everything you need to start discovering the world of the Raspberry Pi. It includes essential hardware in a single box, access to an online step-by-step guide, and projects to get up and running faster than ever, effortlessly.

£106.19 incl. VAT
Makeblock Codey Rocky Robot

Makeblock Codey Rocky Robot Bluetooth Dongle Edition

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The Make block Codey Rocky is an entry-level coding robot for STEAM education that will make learning to code fun and engaging. Children can use emotion commands, such as "happy" "sad", to give Codey Rocky a unique personality. The robot can perceive the change of sound and colour using its programmable electronic modules.

£105.01 incl. VAT
OKdo micro:bit Getting Started Kit product image

OKdo micro:bit Getting Started Kit (EN)

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The OKdo micro:bit Getting Started Kit includes the BBC micro:bit board and accessories, designed to make coding fun and easy. It is the perfect kit to start learning programming and bring your creative ideas to life. The kit includes everything you need to get started quickly with your next project. You get the BBC micro:bit single-board computer, a clear PVC case for the micro:bit, a dual battery holder with a switch and a 1m USB cable.

£20.40 incl. VAT

Raspberry Pi Noir Camera Module V2

In stock

Looking to take infrared images and capture incredible videos and photos in low-light conditions? The Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module V2 can do all that, and more. With this fantastic camera board you'll be able to take static images of up to 3280 x 2464 pixels. Or if video is more your thing, 1080p, 720p60 & VGA90 are supported. The Pi NoIR Module includes 8 megapixels of high quality imaging, reduced image contamination and automatic control functions such as exposure control, white balance and luminance detection. No that's a lot of great features for a tiny little board.

£24.66 incl. VAT

OKdo Raspberry Pi Pico Kit

In stock

Get your Raspberry Pi Pico and essential accessories in our quality OKdo Raspberry Pi Pico Kit. The kit includes a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller board as well 3 x headers and a micro USB cable to get started with. We have also included a quick start guide to coding your Raspberry Pi Pico using Micropython - programming just got easier.

£7.20 incl. VAT

Arduino Starter Kit English

In stock

Designed for all ages and abilities, the Arduino Starter Kit is the perfect introduction to the world of coding and electronics. Not only does the kit come with the Arduino Uno, an entry-level board for those who are new to developing on the Arduino platform, but a whole host of other goodies to help you on your way. There's even a helpful book that includes a step-by-step guide to getting started, and 15 exciting projects to complete. If you're an experienced designer, don't despair: the Starter Kit is also a great way to explore the different functionalities of the Arduino Uno board.

£77.34 incl. VAT


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Adafruit Circuit Playground Classic - 3000

The easiest way to start programming, the Circuit Playground has been specially developed to teach novices from scratch. Featuring a microcontroller, sensors, LEDs and buttons, this inspiring pack comes with everything the aspring programmer needs to bring their first project to life - and all without the soldering iron.

£20.18 incl. VAT
Light Up Christmas Jumper Project

Light Up Christmas Jumper

Let’s jump on this project together and make a Christmas jumper with lights! Making lights flash using microcontrollers is always fun, especially during holiday time. If you’ve mastered turning an LED on and off, then this project will take you to the next level by controlling RGB LED. You can program each one to glow and flash with up to 65 Million different colour combinations! This project will guide you through the steps of making a flashing light Christmas jumper and setting up a Circuit Playground board that has 10 built-in, bright Neopixels and sensors. We’ll create an interactive flashing “star” that you can attach to your favourite Christmas jumper and wear the best light up Christmas jumper this holiday season.  The star has two different modes. One of them pulses white, like a heartbeat, which turns to a flash if you blow a kiss or click your fingers! The other mode is for partying, with lots of sound triggered pixel patterns to enhance your dance moves. [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://www.okdo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/LIGHT-UP-CHRISTMAS-JUMPER-Project-OKdo.mp4"][/video]   The code is Open-source so that you can add and modify it to your heart's content. Let’s find out how to make a Christmas jumper with lights! How to make a Christmas jumper with lights

Difficulty Easy


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