Success Story: Revolutionising Healthcare With ROCK Single Board Computers


case study overview: smart knee actuator on rock 3c


A group of ingenious engineers from India has developed a groundbreaking solution – a Smart Knee Actuator powered by ROCK 3C SBC. The team managed to create a personalised rehabilitation solution with precision control – the ultimate IoT device that can help patients regain mobility and independence after trauma using Soft Robotics and Machine Learning technologies.


The Challenge – Developing an Intelligent Solution to Help Post-traumatic Rehabilitation

As the population ages in developed countries, the need for rehabilitation therapy has surged. Traditional rehabilitation devices often fail to provide effective support, protection, and recovery.

Therefore, the team’s challenge was to develop a more efficient and intelligent solution that could address these limitations and support people in remaining independent members of society.


The Solution – A Smart Knee Actuator

To overcome the challenge, Nisha Rasaili and the team developed a Smart Knee Actuator using soft robotics and machine learning technology. The device combines pneumatic actuators and pressure-sensing elements to adapt its dynamics based on the pressure exerted on the knees. By integrating these motions, they aimed to create a more suitable and less bulky solution for users.



The team opted for the ROCK 3C single board computer as the control mechanism of their actuator, which offered exceptional processing and control capabilities, as well as a convenient compact size.

Smartt knee actuator prototype

Originally, the prototype was developed using an aluminium frame. However, they plan to use carbon material in the future to reduce the prototype’s weight from 6 to 4kg.


1. Advanced control and functionality

The SBC’s GPIO pins and built-in Wi-Fi module allow precise and customizable control over the actuator’s motions. This enables therapists to tailor the rehabilitation program to each patient’s needs.

2. Compact size and improved user comfort

The ROCK 3C’s compact design makes it an ideal fit for our device. Its small form factor ensures that the actuator remains lightweight and wearable, enhancing user comfort and mobility.




“The probability of stroke, physical trauma and disease-related disabilities increases with age as the body becomes more fragile. We aim to develop a more effective smart knee actuator for 2- DoF (degrees of freedom) assist using soft robotics in healthcare. Our device offers personalized support and protection, empowering individuals to regain their independence and remain active members of society.”

— Nisha Rasaili, lead engineer.


The idea has been submitted as part of the ROCK Engineering Challenge run by OKdo x Wevolver.


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