Innovative 3D Camera & Thermal Imaging Medical Device: Meet the winners of the OKdo ROCK Engineering Challenge

OKdo ROCK Engineering challenge winners

OKdo x Wevolver invited talented engineers, inventors, and developers from across the globe to take part in our OKdo ROCK Engineering Challenge and submit their innovative idea of projects that use ROCK single-board computers for a chance to win a partnership valued at $50,000 with OKdo to bring their idea to market. 

We received over 150 submissions from around the world, with applications and ideas spanning various verticals such as IoT, Healthcare, Smart Homes, AI, Robotics, EdTech, Renewable Energy, and Smart City initiatives.

After the jury narrowed them down to the top 10 finalists, our judges and the community chose the winners, showcasing groundbreaking innovations in the form of an innovative 3D camera and a cutting-edge thermal imaging medical device.

The overall winner is Eric Schleicher from the company Constructive Realities. The company is known for its expertise in computer vision and 3D reconstruction applications. They have secured a $50,000 partnership with OKdo to further develop their innovative ideas.

Championing Ingenuity: The Innovative 3D Camera Project Wins the Competition

OKdo ROCK Engineering challenge winner

Constructive Realities specialises in computer vision and 3D reconstruction applications. Their idea was based on the ROCK CM3 4GB and is a product line of Time of Flight (ToF) 3D cameras in a compact “compute-included” form factor that are targeted to an equally relevant to the consumer (AR/VR & 3d Scanning/IoT), maker, and robotics and industrial product markets.

Generally available ToF sensors are either very low resolution (320×240 or less) or require a powerful host system on which to perform raw data processing. Their system offers the distinct advantage of running a depth data pipeline NPUs and GPUs commonly found on small ARM SBCs and SoMs like the Raspberry Pi Rockchip 3566/3588.

We’ll share their project and technology in more detail soon, stay tuned!

Our preference landed on ROCK CM3 where we use these for the depth only/color-fusion use cases respectively. It’s simpler and more consistent for us to support Rockchip 3566/8 together in collaboration with OKdo x Radxa, rather than piece parting together completely different devices for these two use-cases. The possibility to place the CM3i into properly industrial applications is also very attractive for us and we have a number of customer who are interested in this type of solution,” said Eric Schleicher, Founder and CEO of Constructive Realities.

“We’re incredibly excited to win the ROCK Engineering Challenge. Looking at the quality of the other teams’ submissions, we’re even more inspired to make our 3D camera systems available to the communities that are driving innovation. Establishing our new partnership with OKdo, Radxa, and the RS Group is going to significantly accelerate our product development program and is allowing us to expand the scope and capabilities of our next product release,” added Eric Schleicher.

OKdo and Wevolver caught up with the winning company, which told us more about their idea and the overall experience of participating in this challenge. Watch the video below to find out more:

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Revolutionizing Healthcare: Thermal Imaging Medical Device Wins the Community Vote

We also asked our community for help in choosing their favourite entry, giving a chance to another winner to pitch their idea to the senior management of OKdo and its partners for a chance at establishing partnerships.

Following the public Wevolver community vote that gained over 300 votes, Marcel Ochsendorf won with the project of a thermal imaging medical device – a product designed to aid medical facilities by using a thermal imaging camera to non-invasively record a patient’s status. 

The system can determine breathing status, frequency, body temperature, and movements like falls, alerting medical staff when necessary. The use of a thermal imaging camera and local image recognition system ensures complete anonymization of patients, as no sensitive data leaves the room.

The ROCK board, with its dedicated GPU, provides a significant advantage for this project, as it ensures local processing for data protection – a requirement often unmet by other systems. Initial tests on a standard computer have demonstrated that the ROCK single board computer (SBC) is the optimal choice for this task, offering not only the necessary performance but also ample resources for future upgrades. 

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look into Marcel’s idea and the technology soon. 

Discover the Top 10 Finalists

The OKdo ROCK Engineering Challenge got an overwhelming response from talented engineers, inventors, and developers worldwide. The judges had a tough job of choosing the top 10 finalists from an impressive pool of more than 150 entries based on their impact on the industry, their scalability, and their feasibility.

These exceptional projects, spanning a diverse range of industries, captured the spirit of innovation and pushed the boundaries of what is possible in engineering. Let’s take a glimpse into the outstanding creations of the 10 finalists of the ROCK Engineering Challenge.

The team at OKdo and Wevolver shared their takeways from the ROCK Engineering challenge:

“The ROCK Engineering Challenge has truly demonstrated the immense potential of engineers worldwide in pushing the boundaries of SBC applications. We are thrilled to see the diverse and innovative ideas submitted, showcasing the power of collaboration and creativity within the global engineering community,” said Sander Arts, CMO at OKdo.

“It’s truly inspiring to see the incredible potential and innovative ideas emerging from the engineering community,” said Bram Geenen, Co-Founder and CEO of Wevolver. “The ROCK Engineering Challenge has brought together some of the best minds to drive innovation and push the boundaries of what’s possible with single board computers. We are excited to support these pioneers as they continue to create groundbreaking solutions for the future.”

Read more in the press release here.

Interested in learning more about the whole range of ROCK single board computers? Take a look at our ultimate guide to ROCK here.

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