Gift Guide: Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

Christmas Gift Guide Blog Header Image
Christmas Gift Guide Blog Header Image

This gift guide will give you some fantastic last-minute Christmas gift ideas for a tech-savvy person. We’ve put together a list of ideas that will be a perfect Christmas gift for a tech lover. So, if you’re wondering which educational Christmas gift to pick for your children, what to gift to your friend who is a gamer, someone who is learning to code or someone who has everything, you’ll find the best ideas below.

Christmas holidays are around the corner, and if you’re still wondering what to get a tech lover, we’ve come up with a selection of last-minute Christmas gift ideas for friends and family. 

As we’re fast approaching the Christmas gift hunt madness, these are probably some questions that run through your mind: “What do you get a techy person for Christmas?”, “What do you get a tech-savvy kid?”, “What to gift someone who likes coding?”. We’ve got you covered! Let’s jump into Santa’s bag and discover the best Christmas gifts.

1. Educational Christmas gifts for children

Christmas is a perfect occasion to introduce your children to the vast and exciting world of coding. Getting a hands-on learning experience through play is the best way to easily introduce your children to STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). Discover our full range of educational products here. So, you may be thinking, what do you get a tech-savvy kid? See our choice of the best educational Christmas gifts for children.

2. Christmas gift ideas for students

Finding a perfect gift for someone who is into coding and IT could be challenging, we know. But this gift guide will make your life easier! “What to gift someone who likes coding?” you may think. If you’re looking for a gift for a student who’s studying programming, we’ve chosen 4 products that will make every tech nerd happy on Christmas!

3. Christmas gift ideas for someone who wants to learn to code

Santa has made a special list of excellent Christmas gift ideas for a new hobbyist who is a beginner in coding. Getting started with programming could seem tricky. However, with the right tools, initiation into the extraordinary world of coding can be easy and exciting. If you’d like to give a boost to someone who wants to learn to code, discover the amazing products below that will make the learning journey enjoyable for anyone. 

4. Christmas gift ideas for someone who has everything

What can be more complicated than finding the best Christmas gift for someone who has everything?! Even if it could seem impossible, we believe that the best gift you could give to someone who’s got everything is new experiences. We’ve got some amazing products that will surprise even someone who can’t be surprised anymore.  

The products below could also be perfect Christmas gifts for couples who have everything and would be happy to start a new hobby together that will keep them entertained during cold winter evenings. 

5. Christmas gifts for gamers

How to choose the best Christmas gift for a gamer? It could be a micro:bit game controller or a retro gaming kit. Whichever option you choose, rest assured that it will be a perfect Christmas gift for someone into gaming. 

6. Christmas gifts for environmentally conscious people

We’ve chosen a few gifts options that will make a perfect Christmas gift for someone who cares about the environment. New technology allows you to build exciting environment-friendly projects. For example, opt for a smart greenhouse to learn how to monitor environmental conditions and create automated systems that react to them. Or choose a smart home sensor that will allow you to help the environment by controlling how much electricity you spend and reducing electricity waste. 

7. Christmas gifts for someone who loves robotics

Our range of robots and kits are an ideal Christmas gift for someone who loves robotics and is always eager to jump on a new creative project. Using these amazing products, one can discover the fantastic world of coding and robotics and even build their own controlled robot. 

8. Christmas gifts for music lovers

If you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for music lovers, these products are the perfect match and combine new technology with a love for music. These modern gadgets will amplify your passion for music and will colour it in some new shades. Choose an add-on board that adds high-quality audio output to your device, or better, make your own device from scratch – code and create your wearable musical glove

9. Christmas gift ideas for the whole family

Fun activities bring the whole family together. If you’re struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift that will be fun for all the family, we’ve prepared some exciting ideas for you! What can be more fun than jumping on a Quad-Copter making project or a buzzer game-making project? These products offer an excellent chance for the whole family to learn to code and build fun projects. They are a great companion for anyone who wants to enter the wonderful world of technology.

Why are these gifts a perfect last-minute choice for Christmas? Here at OKdo, we offer a UK Premium Next Working Day Delivery. Find out more details about our delivery terms here.

We hope this gift guide has helped you tick all the Christmas gifts you need to buy off your list. Have you found some last-minute gift ideas that you’ll go for this Christmas? Share this gift guide with your friends and family and give them a hint of your favourite product. Have a Merry Christmas!

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