5 Ideas How to Create Interactive Walls & Transform Any Space with Bare Conductive

In a world where traditional displays and walls are static, Bare Conductive emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering solutions that breathe life into every surface they touch. In this blog post, we embark on a journey into the realm of interactive design, exploring how Bare Conductive’s cutting-edge products empower individuals and organizations to create immersive and engaging experiences.

From museums to corporate events, weddings to educational workshops, discover how Bare Conductive is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology and transforming ordinary spaces into dynamic showcases of creativity.

What is Bare Conductive?

Bare Conductive stands at the forefront of interactive design, providing tools and resources to fuel creativity and innovation. From the inception of Electric Paint to the development of the Touch Board and accompanying software, the company is dedicated to offering accessible solutions for incorporating electronic interactivity into projects.

With Electric Paint, a non-toxic conductive paint, users can effortlessly create circuits and illuminate LEDs with a simple brushstroke. The Touch Board, featuring capacitive sensing technology, elevates interactivity by turning Electric Paint into touch-sensitive surfaces capable of triggering various outputs, from sounds to animations.

With endless possibilities for creativity and exploration, Bare Conductive empowers individuals of all skill levels to unlock the potential of interactive projects.

How do interactive walls work?

Interactive walls function by integrating graphics with electronics, facilitated by the Interactive Wall Kit and Electric Paint by Bare Conductive. The process involves drilling holes through the chosen material (e.g., plywood), attaching electrode pads to screws, and painting sensors with Electric Paint. These sensors connect to a Touch Board, which enables up to 12 touch points. Once assembled, the Touch Board triggers sound or projection mapping upon touch, offering a versatile platform for interactive installations in various settings like events, exhibitions, or retail displays.

Images: Bare Conductive

Imagine transforming any surface into an interactive canvas that responds to touch and movement. That’s exactly what the Bare Conductive Interactive Wall Kit offers. This comprehensive kit provides everything you need to create robust and reliable interactive walls and murals, with up to 12 touch points spanning an impressive 10m x 10m area.

How to make an interactive wall?

With Bare Conductive technology, making your own interactive wall has never been easier. All you need to start with is to get a hard material as a base for your wall, such as plywood and the Bare Conductive Interactive Wall Kit, which includes all the hardware you need to get started, including a Touch Board, electrode pads, screws, cables, and more.

Once you know where you want the touch points located, you can drill holes through the wall and push screws through each hole. Then, attach the Electrode Pads to each screw. The next step is painting your graphics using Electric Paint, covering the screw heads. When the paint has dried, it is electrically connected to the Electrode Pad via the screw. With all the graphics done, you can connect everything together: the Touch Board is connected to each Electrode Pad with a shielded cable. And now, you are ready to turn the Touch Board on and turn touch into sound or projection mapping.

Excited to get started with it? Discover step-by-step instructions here.

How to Get Started With the Interactive Wall Kit

View the guide on bareconductive.com

Learn more about the Interactive Wall Kit and order it on OKdo.

Discover the Interactive Wall Kit in action – endless creativity across diverse applications

From museum curators and wedding planners to event agencies and beyond, a diverse array of audiences can harness the transformative power of the Interactive Wall Kit. Explore its wide-ranging applications across various industries and settings:

  • Museum Curators: Enhance visitor engagement with interactive exhibits and immersive displays that bring history to life.
  • Wedding Planners: Create magical moments with interactive photo backdrops and decorative elements that captivate guests.
  • Trade Shows: Stand out from the crowd and captivate attendees with interactive displays that showcase your brand’s innovation and creativity.
  • Corporate Events: Transform ordinary gatherings into unforgettable experiences by incorporating interactive elements that engage and entertain participants.
  • Art Students: Explore new dimensions of creativity and expression by integrating interactive elements into artistic installations and projects.
  • Kids Events Planners and Educators: Foster creativity and learning through interactive play areas and educational displays that spark imagination and captivate young minds.

Enter the interactive wonderland: Inspiring projects and use cases with the Interactive Wall Kit

Discover these inspirational project ideas from Bare Conductive that you can do using the Interactive Wall Kit to unlock its potential and captivate audiences, foster engagement, and elevate experiences across a myriad of industries and occasions.

1. An Impressive Projection-Mapping Installation with the Interactive Wall Kit

Wall and Wall is a creative studio based in San Francisco that specialises in creating art in many forms, including large scale wall murals, interactive murals (light and sound) and now projection mapping, 3D art installations, and live painting events. They call themselves “visual storytellers”, so their interactive walls are an asset to any office space, public park, airport, or a hotel lobby.

Learn more about the Wall and Wall project here.

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Image & Video: Wall and Wall

2. An Interactive Wall To Tell The Story Of A Cheesemaker

Cher Ami, a digital production factory in France, partnered with La Vache Qui Rit, a renowned cheesemaker, to create an immersive interactive wall. They integrated Bare Conductive technology into a wooden display that tells the cheesemaker’s story while promoting environmental awareness.

Using Touch Board sensors, animations are triggered via projection mapping, engaging visitors of all ages. The result? A 9-meter-long interactive wall, offering visitors a dynamic and educational experience while embracing sustainability.

Read more about this storytelling project here.

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Image & Video: Cher ami

3. An Interactive Solution For Events and Shows

Advertising and design agency dunkelblaufastschwarz, based in Salzburg, Austria, harnessed the power of the Interactive Wall Kit to craft an unforgettable experience for their client, Axess AG, at the renowned Interalpin trade show in Austria.

Seeking to highlight Axess AG’s unique selling points and products, the team embedded the technology behind the wall, covering the front with artwork. Using Touch Board’s capacitive sensors, they created proximity sensors that triggered projection mapping animations when touched.

Overcoming challenges of integration and design, the installation garnered high engagement and praise from visitors, highlighting the seamless integration of technology into experiential marketing.

Discover more about this interactive solution for events and shows.

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4. The Room of Illuminations – An Interactive Room in a Hotel

Artist Mark McClure, in collaboration with developer Terry Clark, transformed a hotel room into an immersive art installation called “The Room of Illuminations” at ART B&B in Blackpool, UK.

Using the Touch Board and Raspberry Pi, they created touch-sensitive panels integrated into sculptural areas, controlling LED lighting effects triggered by interaction. The project aimed to bring a playful element to the room, inspired by traditional seaside entertainment and the famous Blackpool illuminations.

Despite pandemic-related challenges, the installation received positive feedback, showcasing the potential of interactive design in hospitality.

Explore this interactive hotel room in more detail.

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Image and Video: Mark McClure

5. Adding Interactivity To An Exhibition Stand For A Bank

Netherlands-based creative agency Boldly XR revolutionized the exhibition experience for Rabobank IT at the Interalpin trade show in Austria.

Utilizing the Interactive Wall Kit by Bare Conductive, they crafted a seamless blend of conductive surfaces and projection mapping. Breaking away from conventional recruitment displays, the team designed an interactive wall that showcased Rabobank’s IT specializations, core values, and employee testimonials.

With 35 touchpoints and ultra-short throw projectors, the installation wowed attendees, offering a dynamic, visually striking presentation that brought Rabobank’s story to life.

Learn more about this interactive exhibition stand here.

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Image & Video: Boldly XR

Meet the Interactive Workshop Pack – empower learning and exploration with electronics

If you’re looking to engage groups in hands-on learning experiences, then meet the Bare Conductive Interactive Workshop Pack. This comprehensive pack equips educators, maker spaces, and organizations with the tools and resources to lead engaging workshops focused on interactive design projects using Electric Paint, Printed Sensors, and the Touch Board.

Images: Bare Conductive

Learn more about the exciting features of the Interactive Workshop Pack and order it on OKdo.

Want to know how to get started with it? Discover this step-by-step guide.

How to Get Started With the Interactive Workshop Pack

View the guide on bareconductive.com

Let’s build the future together

Whether you’re a museum curator aiming to create captivating exhibits, a wedding planner seeking to add a touch of magic to events, or an educator inspiring the next generation of innovators, Bare Conductive’s Interactive Wall Kit and Interactive Workshop Pack empower you to unleash your creativity and redefine interactive experiences.

Explore the possibilities today and embark on a journey of endless innovation and discovery. Reach out to OKdo’s expert team for guidance and support.

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