Transforming lives of students in the US with OKdo and the Micro:bit Educational Foundation

STEM education has become more important than ever in today’s rapidly evolving world. However, access to quality STEM resources and teacher training can be limited. Therefore, OKdo and the Micro:bit Educational Foundation have joined forces once again to support students from the Compton Unified School District (CUSD) in Los Angeles, USA. The program aims to provide these students access to STEM technologies like the BBC micro:bit, empowering them to build essential computing skills for the future.

Bridging the gap. Equipping students from Compton with STEM tools

OKdo, in collaboration with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, has committed to supporting students in the Compton Unified School District (CUSD) of Los Angeles, USA.

Compton Unified School District serves nearly 26,000 students across 36 sites, including 27 elementary and middle schools. Many of the students come from low income backgrounds and are English language learners. With the support of their teachers and community, they are ambitious about their futures.

Photo credit: Compton Unified School District

Our initiative aims to provide these students with access to STEM education by donating micro:bits and investing in teacher training. This will empower students to explore coding and electronics and ensure that each young person develops essential computing skills for the future.

“We’re so grateful to OKdo and Micro:bit Educational Foundation for their generous support of this project. With this, we’ve been able to reach over 245 educators so far to give them the support and training they need to confidently teach their children how to use micro:bits. This has inspired over 8,200 Compton Scholars to create innovative solutions to global problems and really apply creative digital thinking to real life. Thank you so much, we cannot wait to see the new inventions our scholars will create!”

Alvaro Brito, STEAM Administrator,  Department of Educational Technology & Innovation, Compton Unified School District

CUSD has been working tirelessly to introduce STEM subjects to its students. Through the establishment of STEAM Labs in 10 of its schools and the provision of micro:bit devices, along with teacher training and support, students can now gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology.

Videos: Compton Unified School District

The partnership that transformed lives over the years. The background story

Building a brighter future through accessible STEM education worldwide

Over many years, OKdo, in partnership with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, has been at the forefront of promoting digital and computing literacy among students worldwide. Through our joint efforts, we’ve made significant strides in promoting STEM education and providing access to technology for underserved communities.

From equipping teachers in Tunisia, Nepal, and India with essential skills to distributing micro:bits to key partners in countries such as Australia, Ghana, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and the USA, this collaborative effort has opened doors for countless children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to explore and embrace the world of coding and electronics.

By supporting flagship micro:bit programs like “do your: bit“, we’ve inspired students to unleash their creativity and drive innovation, setting the stage for a future fuelled by technological literacy.

The importance of making STEM education accessible to all

Access to quality STEM education is not just about learning technical skills; it’s about providing opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop critical thinking abilities, and pursue their passions. By making STEM education accessible to all students, regardless of their background, we can ensure that no one is left behind in the rapidly advancing world of technology.

At OKdo, we are honoured to stand alongside the Micro:bit Educational Foundation in our shared mission to democratize access to STEM education. Together, we have witnessed the transformative power of technology in the lives of students from diverse backgrounds, from Nepal to Los Angeles. Our commitment to supporting initiatives that empower underserved communities remains unwavering. Through collaborative efforts, we will continue to pave the way for a future where every child has the opportunity to thrive and innovate in the digital age. Let’s #DesignTheWorld together!

Let’s work together

Looking to inspire young minds with innovative EdTech? Reach out to OKdo’s expert team for guidance and support.

With a blend of expert technical knowledge and commercial partnerships alongside innovative design & manufacturing capabilities, together we can achieve great things.

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