Case Study: How OKdo’s Manufacturing Solution Propelled Bare Conductive’s Revenue and Product Availability

Bare Conductive product range



Bare Conductive specialise in electrically conductive materials, notably Bare Conductive Paint and Touch Boards, enabling innovative interactive projects with touch-sensitive surfaces and conductive inks.

To help tackle the impediments in manufacturing that impacted product availability and costs, OKdo has proposed to transition the manufacturing operations to China to mitigate costs and reinstate product availability. As a result of the successful partnership, OKdo has become Bare Conductive’s exclusive global master distributor.


In the context of operational challenges, Bare Conductive, a trusted partner, encountered impediments in manufacturing that impacted product availability and costs. These challenges stemmed from the constraints posed by an existing Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM), resulting in the need for strategic intervention. 


In collaboration with OKdo, a methodical approach was undertaken by the OKdo Core Services Team to address these challenges. The manufacturing operations were transitioned to China, leveraging OKdo’s robust presence for enhanced cost efficiency, expedited turnaround times, and steadfast commitment to quality assurance. 

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The collaborative effort yielded a discernible impact. OKdo’s solution effectively mitigated costs and reinstated product availability. This outcome not only rectified operational inefficiencies but also fortified Bare Conductive’s market position, showcasing the efficacy of the strategic partnership.

Recorded results:

  • +11 SKUs inventory actively restored
  • Accelerated turnaround times
  • Optimised production costs


“We are ecstatic about the appointment of OKdo as our exclusive global master distributor. In OKdo we have found a partner to help us scale our manufacturing, invent new products with their incredible line card, and better serve our customers. OKdo shares our core value of empowering the ideas of every engineer, designer, maker, educator, student and artist no matter where they are or what they are making,” said Matt Johnson, CEO and Founder of Bare Conductive.” 

– Bare Conductive

About Bare Conductive


“Empowering a diverse community of engineers, designers, artists, developers, and creatives to solve critical problems and create new possibilities through printed electronics.”

– Bare Conductive

Bare Conductive produces a suite of printed electronics products that enable individuals and companies to integrate electronics directly into the environment. Their conductive paint and easy-to-use development kits let anyone prototype their electronic visions of the future. Business customers make those visions a reality by licensing Bare Conductive’s technology and incorporating it into their products.

Electric Paint makes it possible to draw a circuit, cold solder a component or turn any surface into a sensor. The Touch Board, Pi Cap and Light Up Board transform Electric Paint sensor data into sound, light or information in the cloud. Their Kits and Packs provide the context, instructions and project-focused outcomes
for these future-facing platforms, regardless of experience level. “At Bare Conductive we believe our products have the power to make everyone’s lives a little more extraordinary”, states the brand.

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