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Meet Bare Conductive

At OKdo, we’re proud to partner with Bare Conductive, together we offer individuals of all ages and skill levels, from school pupils to event planners and prototype engineers endless possibilities for bringing ideas to life with Bare Conductive’s innovative conductive ink and capacitive sensor technology.

Interactive hardware suitable for anybody

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Bare Conductive is dedicated to providing a unique collection of hardware that caters to everyone with an interest in electronics. Thanks to our collaboration with Bare Conductive, getting started on your interactive projects has never been easier.

The Bare Conductive mission

Bare Conductive’s mission is clear – to empower individuals with the essential tools for seamlessly incorporating electronics and interactivity into their projects and prototypes.

From materials like Electric Paint to hardware such as the Touch Board and software tools like the Grapher, offering a comprehensive ecosystem. The Bare Conductive combine these tools, ensuring that creators, whether electronics novices or printed electronics professionals have everything they need to bring their ideas to vibrant life.

Discover the Bare Conductive range

Electric Paint

  • Electric Paint is the ground-breaking product that initiated it all –black, water-based, and non-toxic paint with the unique ability to conduct electricity once dried.
  • Available in three convenient quantities, ranging from 10ml to 1L, catering to various project sizes and ensuring flexibility for different creative needs.
  • With Electric Paint, bringing ideas to life is as simple as painting circuits, adding components, and witnessing the illumination of LEDs – a user-friendly and accessible way to explore electronics through creativity. 

Touch Board

  • Bare Conductive introduces the Touch Board, utilising capacitive sensing technology, enabling the paint to function as a touch sensor.
  • You can trigger various outputs, from illuminating lights to activating sound, playing animations, and collecting data.
  • With its diverse capabilities, the Touch Board opens endless possibilities for interactive projects, providing a platform to explore and create unique and engaging experiences.


  • Interactive Workshop Pack: Tailored for creative interactive workshops, it is the go-to resource for engaging individuals from non-engineering backgrounds with electronics, making it perfect for teaching students the basics.
  • Interactive Wall Kit: Carefully designed for planning, prototyping, and executing large-scale interactive wall projects, this kit comes with hardware and extensive digital resources, making it perfect for elevating your event experiences.
  • Touch Board Pro Kit: An all-inclusive kit for pushing the boundaries of the Touch Board, ideal for prototyping advanced interactive projects. It includes everything needed, from proximity sensing to long-distance sensors, providing engineers with the tools and resources for their next big innovation.

What can Bare Conductive be used for?

Level up your events with an interactive wall.

Unlock the extraordinary potential of the awesome Interactive Wall Kit. Meticulously crafted for maximum impact, this kit is your key to setting your events and installations apart. The Interactive Wall Kit streamlines the planning, prototyping, and production phases, ensuring a seamless experience.

Packed with all the essential hardware, along with a wealth of digital resources and inspiration, this kit empowers you to unleash creativity and innovation. In just four simple steps, you’ll transform your space to tell a captivating narrative, making your events truly unforgettable.

Deliver captivating workshops.

With the Interactive Workshop Pack you can run a creative interactive workshop and engage individuals from non-engineering backgrounds with electronics. The pack comes with everything you need to run 3 different workshop activities.

Create musical instruments, game controllers, and interactive posters using Electric Paint and Printed Sensors, and the Touch Board. Each project comes with complete instructions, and one workshop pack can be run with up to 25 participants.

Turn touch into sound, light, or data.

Transform surfaces into interactive wonders with the Touch Board. This microcontroller board boasts a range of impressive specs.

We don’t just offer the Touch Board on its own, we also offer The Touch Board Starter Kit which is perfect for beginners, providing all of the essential components, and step-by-step instructions for hassle-free sensor creation—no programming skills needed. For advanced prototyping, the Touch Board Pro Kit offers everything to elevate your projects to new heights.

Dive into the world of Bare Conductive and spark your interest

Discover our Bare Conductive resources and get ready to kick-start your interactive projects.

Prototyping with Bare Conductive

Bare Conductive’s Touch Board, Electric paint and printed sensors are ideal for prototyping. Electric Paint allows you to quickly make circuits and interfaces on all kinds of surfaces so it’s suited for anything from wearables to posters, enabling you to iterate rapidly and test your ideas along the way.

Repair buttons with Electric Paint

You can repair your electronic devices’ buttons with electric paint. The buttons can wear with time. You could source spare parts and replace them or quickly fix them with a little Bare Conductive Electric Paint!

How to introduce coding into your school

Technology is becoming more and more engrained within our lives, makings things simpler and more accessible from wherever we happen to be. We can order our favourite things at a push of a button, watch endless catalogues of content, and play games with people halfway across the world.

Let’s work together

Looking to paint, spark, and innovate? Get in touch with our expert team to discuss how Bare Conductive’s range of hardware can inspire you.

With a blend of expert technical knowledge and commercial partnerships alongside innovative design & manufacturing capabilities, together we can achieve great things.

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