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104 items
M5Stack FIRE IoT Development Kit (PSRAM 2.0)
£59.64 incl. VAT
Justboom Amp Add-On Board
£46.20 incl. VAT
Bare Conductive Electric Paint Lamp Kit
£41.99 incl. VAT
Hexiwear Wearable Dev Kit Ble For IoT
£63.84 incl. VAT
Justboom Digi HAT For Raspberry Pi – Jbm-002
£23.76 incl. VAT
£39.12 incl. VAT
M5Stack ESP32 GREY Development Kit with 9Axis Sensor
£34.92 incl. VAT
M5StickC ENV Hat (DHT12, BMP280, BMM150)
£10.09 incl. VAT
Pi Supply Breadboard Adapter for micro:bit
£7.44 incl. VAT
Qualcomm Home Hub 100 Development Kit for Amazon AVS
£42.70 incl. VAT
Lipo Shim Battery Board For Raspberry Pi
£10.75 incl. VAT
Pi-Top Raspberry Pi Laptop – German Keyboard – Grey
£216.77 incl. VAT
Pi-Top Raspberry Pi Laptop – UK Keyboard – Grey
£229.19 incl. VAT
Pycom Pysense
£27.55 incl. VAT
Xinabox Br01 – Raspberry Pi Bridge
£4.60 incl. VAT
Xinabox Od01 – Oled Display 128X64 (Ssd1306)
£15.80 incl. VAT
Kit, XBee S2D Zigbee Mesh Kit
£97.27 incl. VAT
Beaglebone® Green IoT Prototyping Kit For Google Cloud Platform
£117.73 incl. VAT
LoRa Click 433/868Mhz Transceiver Board
£51.41 incl. VAT
Ardx – The Starter Kit For Arduino
£66.54 incl. VAT
Gprs Shield V3.0 For Arduino,113030009
£56.11 incl. VAT
Explorer HAT Pro Prototype Board For Pi
£16.80 incl. VAT
Xinabox Cs11 – Core With Sd Card Interface (Atsamd21G18)
£20.45 incl. VAT
Xinabox Bm01 – Micro:Bit Bridge
£6.55 incl. VAT
LoRa 2 Click Board – 915Mhz,Mikroe-2225
£38.65 incl. VAT
Xinabox Sl01 – Uva, Uvb, Light Sensor (Veml6075 & Tsl4531)
£13.16 incl. VAT
Xinabox Oc05 – Servo Driver (Pca9685 & Bu33Sd5)
£23.06 incl. VAT
Xinabox 3-Axis Digital Magnetometer And 10-Bit Digital Accelerometer (Mag3110 & Mma8653Fc)
£11.18 incl. VAT
Raspberry Pi Heat Sink Kit – Purple
£4.80 incl. VAT
Connect Me Module .Net+Os 7, 2Mb Flash
£57.25 incl. VAT
Xinabox Ip02 – Advanced USB Programming Interface (Ft232R)
£10.52 incl. VAT
Seeedstudio Sark-110 Antenna Analyzer
£390.00 incl. VAT
Xinabox Ah01 – Sha-256 Hardware Encryption Module (Atecc508A)
£9.20 incl. VAT
Bluetooth Click Mikrobus,Mikroe-958
£36.74 incl. VAT
Xinabox Pb04 – Dual Aa Intelligent Battery Power Pack
£11.84 incl. VAT
Lantronix Wiport Wireless Device Server – Wp2001000G-02
£140.63 incl. VAT
Adafruit Untztrument 8X8 Button Grid Kit
£59.10 incl. VAT
Bluetooth Dev Kit,Wt32I Audio Module
£241.19 incl. VAT
Btlc1000 Xplained Pro Starter Kit
£107.51 incl. VAT
Creator Ci20 Linux/Android Computer Bd
£67.87 incl. VAT
Cybt-353027-Eval Bluetooth Development
£45.10 incl. VAT
Cypress Semiconductor Cyble-013025-Eval Bluetooth Chip 4.1
£45.10 incl. VAT
Designspark Beaglebone Blue Case, Blue/Clear
£6.58 incl. VAT
Enocean Stm 300 Rf Transceiver Module 868 Mhz
£22.93 incl. VAT
Explorer PHAT Prototype Board For Pi
£8.82 incl. VAT
Fignition Infuze Sbc Kit
£46.32 incl. VAT
Flick 3D Gesture Sensor – Large
£28.79 incl. VAT
Flick Pi 3D Gesture Sensor HAT
£18.96 incl. VAT


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