This project will enable you to work on your Raspberry Pi directly from your Apple Mac, making extra peripherals unnecessary.

1. Get your micro SD card ready

  • Ensure that you have the latest version of Raspbian flashed on a micro SD card, for this project we used Raspbian Buster lite as it has no desktop since we don’t need it while using our Pi remotely.  You can learn here how to do it.


2. Enable ssh to allow remote login

  • Eject the micro SD card from your mac and insert it again
  • Open Terminal and type in the following command:
touch /Volumes/boot/ssh

This will create a file called ssh on the micro SD card.


3. Add your WiFi network

  • Open Terminal and type in the following command:
touch /Volumes/boot/wpa_supplicant.conf

This will create a file called wpa_suplicant.conf on your micro SD card.

  • In the finder find wpa_suplicant.conf and open it with text edit
  • Paste the following code in the file replacing YOUR-NETWORK-NAME and YOUR-PASSWORD with the relevant information
ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev



4. Boot your Pi

  • Eject the micro SD card from your Mac, insert it in your Pi and start it up


5. Login to the Pi from your Mac

Ensure that both the Pi and Mac are on the same WiFi network!

  • Open Terminal
  • Enter the following commands:
ssh-keygen -R raspberrypi.local
ssh pi@raspberrypi.local

You might get a “host not found” error after typing the first command, this is fine as it’s simply clearing out previous references to raspberrypi.local

  • If the Pi doesn’t respond, type Ctrl-C and re-enter the second command
  • When prompted type in your Pi’s password, the default is raspberry


At this point, you’re ready to use your Pi from your Mac using Terminal. 



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