Arduino Nicla Voice

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  • Arduino Nicla Voice is a small (22.86 x 22.86 mm) device with advanced machine learning, enabling easy speech recognition integration into projects.
  • Equipped with a specialised processor, it automates tasks using bio-inspired algorithms, ideal for predicting equipment wear and automating various functions.
  • Includes a microphone, 6-axis motion sensor, and magnetometer, making it suitable for diverse applications such as predictive maintenance, intruder detection, and gesture/voice recognition.
  • Easily connects with other Arduino devices, providing scalability and interoperability for different project needs.
  • Designed for continuous operation with minimal power consumption, allowing 24/7 processing of sensor data, and it can run independently on battery power.

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Product Details


The Arduino Nicla Voice is a small device (22.86 x 22.86 mm) that makes it easy to add speech recognition to your projects. It has a powerful processor with advanced machine-learning capabilities, allowing it to automate complex tasks using bio-inspired algorithms. The Nicla Voice includes a microphone, a 6-axis motion sensor, and a magnetometer, making it perfect for tasks like predictive maintenance and gesture/voice recognition. It can connect to other devices using Bluetooth low energy and works with various Arduino products. Importantly, it has very low power consumption, allowing it to process sensor data 24/7, and it can operate independently on battery power.


Key Benefits of Arduino Nicla Voice

Advanced Capabilities in a Small Size
The Nicla Voice uses a specialised processor for running multiple AI algorithms, making it perfect for tasks like predicting equipment wear and automating tasks.

Versatile Sensors
Equipped with a microphone, motion sensor, and magnetometer, it can be used for various applications, including detecting intruders, predicting maintenance needs, and adding speech recognition to existing setups.

Bluetooth Connectivity
It can easily connect with other Arduino devices, allowing for scalable and interoperable solutions.

Ultra-Low Power
The device is designed for long-lasting usage, making it suitable for applications requiring continuous operation without frequent interventions.

It’s great for applications like predicting maintenance needs in industrial equipment, detecting intruders through noise and motion sensing, and adding low-power speech recognition to enhance workflows.









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