Arduino GIGA Display Shield

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Arduino GIGA Display Shield

Arduino GIGA Display Shield

  • Arduino GIGA Display Shield tailor-made touchscreen solution for the Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi
  • Seamlessly deploy graphics interfaces to your projects
  • Multitouch enabled display
  • Digital microphone, 6-axis IMU, and Arducam® connector, while allowing access to the other 54 available pins
  • Perfect for human-machine interface systems, interaction design prototyping, voice assistant, and more

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Do you need to deploy graphics interfaces to your Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi projects? Look no further! The GIGA Display Shield from Arduino is a tailor-made, innovative, touchscreen solution built for the GIGA R1 WiFi. It benefits from a digital microphone, 6-axis IMU, and Arducam® connector making the creation of handheld devices and dashboards seamless, but more importantly, simple!


Key benefits of the Arduino GIGA Display Shield

Seamless integration
The GIGA Display Shield leverages the pin header connector in the middle of GIGA R1 WiFi, it’s a simple connection that allows you to deploy graphic interfaces in your projects.

Incredible features without sacrificing convenience
The GIGA Display Shield offers an array of awesome features, including a digital microphone, 6-axis IMU, and Arducam® connector, but the best part is, you can still fully utilize the other 54 available pins, making it super convenient to create handheld devices or dashboards to control your project.

User-friendly design with comprehensive features
The GIGA Display Shield’s user-friendly design combined with its comprehensive features make it easier than ever for you to level up your project’s functionality and user experience with this cutting-edge solution.



  • Is the display multitouch-enabled? Yes! It supports up to 5 simultaneous touch points
  • How do I connect the GIGA Display Shield to the GIGA R1 WiFi? The GIGA Display Shield simply connects via the middle headers (J5 and J6) on the GIGA R1 WiFi.
  • Can I still access the other pins on my GIGA R1 WiFi when the display is attached? Yes! You’ll still be able to access all pins on the top side of the board (54 pins in total)
  • Does the shield require an external power supply? No, the GIGA Display Shield is powered directly through the connection to the GIGA R1 WiFi
  • Which cameras are compatible with the shield? The GIGA Display Shield is fully compatible with 20-pin DVP cameras from Arducam®, such as the OV7675.

Technical specifications

Camera SOCKET 2ROW 20POS VERTICAL PASS THROUGH (Arducam® compatible)
Display Video F32Q-1A7H1-11020
Display Touch F32Q-1A7H1-11008
Display KD040WVFID026-01-C025A
Size 3.97”
Resolution 480×800 RGB
Colour 16.7M
Touch Mode Five points and Gestures
Interface I2C
Microphone MP34DT06JTR

What can the GIGA Display Shield be used for?

The GIGA Display Shield is an all-in-one touchscreen solution designed to level up and expand your GIGA R1 WiFi projects, it’s perfect for a plethora of applications, we’ve highlighted some potential use cases below:

  • Human-Machine Interface Systems: Pair it together with your GIGA R1 WiFi board for rapid development of a Human-Machine Interface system. The shield’s gyroscope allows for easy orientation detection to adjust the visual element orientation.
  • Interaction Design Prototyping: Quickly explore interaction design concepts and develop new ways to communicate with technology, including social robots that respond to sound.
  • Voice Assistant: Use the included microphone, together with the edge computing power of the GIGA R1 WiFi for voice automation with visual feedback.










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