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Get Started with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

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A complete step by step guide to get up and running with your Raspberry Pi 4 Model B in no time.

Insert micro SD card

Insert sd card
  • Insert the micro SD card into the slot of the Raspberry Pi

Connect mouse & keyboard

connect mouse and keyboard
  • Connect the mouse and keyboard to any 2 of the Pi’s USB ports.

Connect screen

connect screen
  • Make sure your monitor or TV is switched ON and that you have selected the correct input eg. HDMI 1, DVI, etc…
  • Connect the screen to the HDMI port labelled HDMI0 using a micro-HDMI cable.

Connect network cable (optional)

connect network cable
  • If you intend to plug your Raspberry Pi to a router, plug in an ethernet cable from your router to the ethernet port. You can skip this step if you intend to connect through WiFi.

Connect power

connect power
  • Connect the power cable to the port labelled  Power. This will turn on and boot up your Raspberry Pi.

Follow on-screen instructions

Raspberry Pi desktop
  • Your Raspberry Pi will boot and display the desktop.
  • The first time you start up your Raspberry Pi, the Welcome to Raspberry Pi application will pop-up, guiding you through the initial setup.

You’re all set to start using your Raspberry Pi!