Get Started with OKdo Pi 4 Kit

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Get up and running with your OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 Kit in no time

Mount heatsinks

Mount heatsinks
  • Peel the protective backing from the heatsinks and stick them to the components shown in the diagram above

Insert Raspberry Pi into case

  • Insert Raspberry Pi into the case

Secure screws

  • Secure the 4 screws that hold the Raspberry Pi to the case

Position fan

  • Slide the fan into position

Secure fan screws

  • Secure the 2 screws that hold the fan in place

Connect fan

  • Connect the positive (red) cable of the fan to the pin shown above
  • Connect the negative (black) cable of the fan to the pin shown above
Ensure that the fan’s leads are connected to the correct pins

Stick feet

  • Turn the Raspberry Pi and case around and stick the self-adhesive feet to the case

Insert micro SD card

Raspberry Pi insert micro sd card
  • Insert the micro SD card into the slot of the Raspberry Pi

Connect mouse & keyboard

connect mouse and keyboard
  • Connect the mouse and keyboard to any 2 of the USB ports

Connect screen

  • Connect the screen to the HDMI port labelled “HDMI0”

Connect power

  • Connect the power cable to the port labelled “POWER”
  • Ensure that the switch on the power cable is turned on

Follow on-screen instructions

follow on-screen instructions
  • Your Raspberry Pi will boot and display the desktop
  • The first time you start up your Raspberry Pi, the Welcome to Raspberry Pi application will pop-up, guiding you through the initial setup

Close case

The following steps are optional and not needed if you plan to use the GPIO pins in your projects.

  • Carefully slide the top of the case into position ensuring that all the small tabs snap into place and the screw holes are aligned
Ensure the fan’s leads are not in the way

Secure case screw

  • Use the remaining screw to secure the lid to the base of the case


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