Case Study: How LAIIER is Protecting National Treasures Stored in an Iconic Building


OKdo partner, LAIIER, brings cutting-edge Surface to Cloud™ smart building solutions, including Severn and Trent Evaluation kits. These efficient, scalable technologies use printed sensors and LoRA for intelligent liquid sensing on surfaces, offering early warnings for events like water leaks, and reducing costs associated with damages and inefficiencies in smart buildings. The unique scalability and precision make LAIIER’s solutions a standout choice for comprehensive monitoring.

LAIIER partnered with Microshare and Bouygues to safeguard national treasures in an iconic building using early water leak detection. The objective was to protect priceless artifacts held in trust for the nation.


The challenge involved protecting historical artifacts from potential damage or destruction caused by water leaks or flooding. Public infrastructure, including national archives, is vulnerable to severe damage from hidden leaks. Damage to irreplaceable national treasures incurs a higher cost than typical water leaks.


LAIIER implemented Severn WLD™ devices strategically placed within the building, including pipes, rooflines, and leak-prone areas. The tool-free installation preserved the building’s integrity while ensuring effective leak detection. These devices were integrated with Microshare’s EverSmart Alert platform, providing real-time alerts to Bouygues staff upon detecting a leak.

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The implemented solution ensures timely response to leaks, preventing small issues from escalating into national tragedies. By detecting and addressing leaks early on, the national institution not only safeguards its cultural heritage but also operates more sustainably, saving costs in the process.


“We get instant notification of a potential problem allowing a quick response to the exact location. EverSmart Alert / Severn WLD leak detection gives a customized sensor strip and advanced algorithm that allow us to narrow down to a tap, specific area, or cubicle where the problem is.” 

– Matthew Booth, BYES Smart Buildings Projects Team Manager

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LAIIER’s mission is to improve the performance and reduce the impact of buildings and facilities through connected sensor technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into any surface or space.

– Matt Johnson, CEO of LAIIER

LAIIER’s Surface to Cloud™ smart buildings solutions, the Severn and Trent Evaluation kits, provide a cutting-edge, efficient, and scalable technology allows for intelligent liquid sensing on surfaces by combining printed sensors with LoRA technology.

LAIIER’s technology solution is designed to reduce costs associated with damage and inefficiencies in smart buildings through early warnings for events like water leaks. Detecting as little as two drops of water, the unique sensors are fitted via smart tape allowing for easy installation and wide application usage. Further, LAIIER®’s solutions are uniquely scalable and precise. A single printed sensor can monitor up to four square meters while remaining precise enough to detect the smallest of leaks.


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