LAIIER Severn Evaluation Kit Smart Water Leak Detection Sensing Solution

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LAIIER Severn Evaluation Kit Smart Water Leak Detection Sensing Solution

LAIIER Severn Evaluation Kit Smart Water Leak Detection Sensing Solution

  • Smart water leak detection kit from LAIIER
  • Simply apply the sensors like stickers and be notified at the first instance of a leak
  • Small form-factor and durable construction make it perfect for detecting leaks anywhere
  • Prevent costly damage to your building at the source before it becomes a problem
  • Kit contains everything you need to get started

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The future of commercial water leak detection is here! The Severn Evaluation kit from LAIIER is an efficient and scalable smart sensing technology solution designed to detect leaks early and prevent costly water leak damage. The Severn Evaluation Kit includes everything you need to detect the presence of water and identify water leaks early.


Key benefits of the LAIIER Severn Evaluation Kit

Simple installation, seamless integration
LAIIER’s sensing technology is super simple to install, you don’t have to be an expert. The sensors are installed like tape directly into the environment and can be installed in 3 simple steps:

  • Attach the sensor like a sticker wherever you need to monitor potential leaks
  • Connect the sensor to the hardware included in the kit
  • Use the dashboard to detect any potential leaks with LAIIER’s Surface to Cloud platform

Pinpoint the source of leaks before it becomes a problem
They’re constructed from a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) polyester substrate printed with carbon ink; this high-resolution printed pattern of Severn Sensors allows them to detect the presence of just a couple of drops of water before it causes significant damage.

Detect leaks anywhere!
Severn sensor’s durable PET construction mean that sensors can be installed anywhere and can cover areas that other water leak detectors can’t, such as underneath appliances, around pipes or underneath flat roofs. Their adhesive backing can bend, fit or wrap around surfaces even in the most challenging environments.

A cost effective and scalable leak detection solution
Water damage makes up more than 50% of all commercial estate insurance claims, can you afford to risk your building being at risk of damage caused by leaks? LAIIER is a low-cost solution, and the sensors are ultra-scalable and will create a seamless, integrated smart water leak detection system.

Where can I use LAIIER’s Severn sensor to detect leaks?

Anywhere! They’re thin, compact and with a strong adhesive backing so can be applied anywhere you have a concern about potential leaks. Some use cases are:

  • Flat roof leaks: detect leaks early and prevent damage to lower floors
  • Exposed pipe leaks: pipes in a basement or utility room that isn’t monitored often? LAIIER will take care of that
  • Under sink leaks: Severn’s thin form factor can fit in most tight spaces and detect leaks before they become a bigger problem
  • Appliance leaks: prevent surface damage and mould by detecting any rogue water early

What’s included in the kit?

Everything you need to install LAIIER and start monitoring leaks. The kit includes:

  • Severn Evaluation Board: the piece of tech that communicates to you when there is a leak
  • Board Enclosure: a robust enclosure to protect the board in the most challenging environments
  • Severn Sensors: the sticker like sensors that detect leaks
  • USB cable: to power the board

Still not sure whether LAIIER is the right solution for you?

Why not check out our Commercial Water Leak Detection Solutions page? You’ll find more information about LAIIER products and their uses.

You can also get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.









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