Success Story: RIoT Secure’s MKR-based aviation security solution powered by Arduino.


OKdo is a proud partner of Arduino, the original all-in-IoT platform renowned for its commitment to resolving real-world challenges with innovative IoT solutions.

Here we share the remarkable success story of RIoT Secure, featuring their cutting-edge aviation security solution, seamlessly integrated with Arduino’s MKR technology. Meet RIoT Secure, a Stockholm-based company that has made it its mission to address the evolving security concerns arising from the ever-increasing interconnectivity of devices to the internet.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues its meteoric rise, RIoT Secure recognised the importance of establishing security as a cornerstone in this landscape. To demonstrate the feasibility of embedding security at the core of IoT solutions, they embarked on a high-profile collaboration with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) Ground Handling.

The Challenge – Airport security is paramount, demanding strict adherence to established regulations while remaining agile enough to adapt to emerging threats.

Within airport environments, service vehicles are closely monitored for both billing accuracy and compliance with safety and security protocols, which continually evolve. For instance, real-time monitoring of geo-fencing boundaries is necessary to prevent unauthorized access, and staff rely on RFID-based security badges to access and operate equipment.

RIoT Secure was tasked with ensuring the absolute security of all network communications and facilitating over-the-air firmware updates, instantly and across their entire fleet of vehicles.

The Solution – RIoT Secure devised an ingenious solution in the form of a secure device lifecycle management platform based on Arduino MKR boards.

These boards played a pivotal role in enabling this innovative system. The industrialised printed circuit board (PCB) incorporated at least two microcontrollers: one specialised in safety, security, and edge processing, while the Arduino MKR boards were responsible for secure network communication.

The task-oriented microcontrollers utilised the AtMega2560 interface via UART to obtain GPS positions for geo-fencing checks, recorded RFID badge swipes, and operated external relays, thereby controlling beacon lights and vehicle speed.

Simultaneously, these microcontrollers exchanged data in optimised binary packets, independent of underlying communication technologies. When firmware updates were available, they were seamlessly downloaded, and the appropriate microcontroller was reprogrammed.

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The platform ensures the secure transmission of critical IoT sensor and actuator data, all within a locked-down embedded system. Notably, any anomalies, from minor errors to potential security breaches, are promptly detected through advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. With this secure device lifecycle management platform, SAS Ground Handling now enjoys several advantages, including:

  • Secure connection of equipment to the Cloud.
  • Rapid, error-free updates across their entire fleet, saving time and resources compared to manual updates.
  • Future expansion to encompass thousands of microcontrollers.

In conclusion, RIoT Secure, powered by Arduino, and proudly supported by OKdo, introduces an innovative IoT solution that ensures airport security remains paramount.



“With this design, the customer can choose the most appropriate microcontroller for the task at hand while also being completely isolated from hackers and minimizing security vulnerabilities.”

— Bjorn De Jounge, Head of Business Development at RIoT Secure.

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