Smart Agriculture & Farming Automation at Your Fingertips

Agriculture has come a long way over thousands of years of development. Traditional farming methods are now falling out of favour, making way for sustainable smart farming solutions.

With OKdo, you can create smart farming solutions and agriculture solutions using IoT and benefit from:

  • Greater efficiencies and lower prices
  • Higher crop productivity
  • Decreased use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides
  • Reduced environmental and ecological impact
  • Lower operation costs
  • Remote monitoring
  • Reduced environmental and ecological impact
  • And so much more!

At OKdo, we help companies with smart agriculture & farming automation solutions

Innovative & robust solutions supporting:

Smart fertilisation systems are a sustainable way to save time, money and energy. Combining IoT with biological farming, we enable agriculture companies to create automated fertilisation solutions.

Using the latest IoT technology, we can help you to create automated irrigation systems. By providing precise levels of water every time, we can guarantee that your plants thrive without wasting precious resources.

Collect valuable and precise data such as rainfall, temperature, wind speed and humidity for increased accuracy and less wasted resources, taking the guesswork out.

Powerful Hardware for Smart Farming


ROCK 4 Model C+ 4GB SBC

  • Powerful Rockchip RK3399‑T SoC
  • Ideal for smart agriculture applications
  • 4GB 64-bit RAM and eMMC socket
  • Power on/off button & integrated fan control
  • Dual micro-HDMI ports supporting up to 4Kp60
  • Bluetooth 5.0, Gigabit Ethernet and Wireless LAN

Arduino Edge Control

  • Low-power, high-performing board for smart agriculture applications
  • Based on an nRF52840 (64 MHz Arm® Cortex-M4F) microcontroller
  • Ideal for remote monitoring systems, precision farming and control in outdoor environments
  • Powered via solar panels or DC input
Arduino Edge Control product image

DEBIX Model A LoRa Board

  • Add-on LoRa network connectivity board for DEBIX Model A
  • Offers long-range, low-power wireless network capability
  • Adds one Mini PCIe interface for the LoRa module
  • Features a LoRa antenna and Wi-Fi antenna
  • Includes a Bluetooth Pairing Button
DEBIX LoRa board product image

Arduino Nicla Vision

  • STM32H747AII6 Dual ARM® Cortex® – M7/M4 IC core processor
  • Features a motion sensor, integrated microphone, and distance sensor
  • Send data via integrated WiFi/Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity
  • Ideal for autonomous agricultural applications
Arduino Nicla Vision product image

Intelligent Hardware Solutions

What are the advantages of technology in agriculture?

From remote monitoring to optimising the use of resources – we help companies improve operational efficiency and overall productivity.

Higher crop productivity

Greater efficiencies and lower prices

Decreased use of water & fertilizer

Reduced environmental impact

Increased worker safety

Design, develop, manufacture, and distribute with OKdo

Tailored Smart Farming Services

OKdo is all about possibilities. Our expertise isn’t only as a seller of end-to-end SBC products. We also design, manufacture and offer many more services besides.

Resources you’ll love

With the support from our technical experts, powerful hardware & software and a customised approach to best suit your needs, we can help you build intelligent automated farming systems.

Want to know how IoT is used in agriculture? Have a look at our Knowledge Hub and get inspired for your next smart farming application.

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The Ultimate Guide to LoRa and Helium Miners

Everything you need to know about the high-efficiency long-range LoRa network, all the unique applications you can benefit from and how to ensure long-range connectivity in smart agriculture applications.

RockBLOCK to RockBLOCK Satellite Communication

How do you communicate when there is no GSM, Lora, Wifi, nothing… Iridium satellite short burst data (SBD) messaging with RockBLOCK could be the answer.

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