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Agriculture has come a long way over thousands of years of development. Traditional farming methods are now falling out of favour, making way for sustainable smart farming solutions.

What smart farming systems do OKdo offer?

At OKdo, we empower companies to create smart farming solutions and agriculture solutions using IoT. Some of the projects with which we can help you include:

Smart irrigation systems for farming

Using the latest technology, we can help you to create automated irrigation systems. Providing precise levels of water every time, we can guarantee that your plants thrive without wasting precious resources.

OKdo Smart Agriculture solutions
OKdo Smart Agriculture solutions

Smart fertilisation systems

Combining IoT with biological farming, we enable agriculture companies to create automated fertilisation solutions. Delivering the right amount of water and nutrients to the roots of the plants, smart fertilisation systems are the sustainable way to save time, money and energy.

Smart weather stations and monitoring systems

Collect valuable data such as rainfall, temperature, wind speed and humidity. Taking the guesswork out of farming, our smart agriculture systems help you to predict when to plant your crops and how much water they’ll need using precise data. The result? Increased accuracy and less wasted resources.

OKdo Smart Agriculture solutions

Learn more about our smart farming systems

To find out more about how we can help farming and agriculture companies to create smart farm automation and monitoring systems, or for technical advice and inspiration, get in touch with our team.

Arduino Edge Control product image

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Arduino Edge Control

Precision farming made easier with Arduino Edge Control, a low-power, high-performing board for smart agriculture applications. Powered via solar panels or DC input, the board is ideal for remote monitoring systems in outdoor environments.

How can we help?

What are the technologies used in smart agriculture? Discover these best in class smart agriculture solutions:

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Projects Inspiration

Want to know how IoT is used in agriculture? Have a look at our Projects and get inspired for your next smart farming application.


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