OKdo work with entrepreneurs to bring their idea, concept, or design to mass production under licence, through our global audited contract manufacturers (CM) and an ecosystem of procurement channels to ensure competitive costs. We operate in multiple vertical markets including Education, Smart Building and Smart Enterprises. We assess global supply chain risk to ensure we collaborate with the right fit CM to benefit the end customer. We only ever work with CMs and procurement channels that on sustainability, and ESG strategies at the heart of their values. All OKdo’s ecosystem partner commercial frameworks are based on fairness, and respect and are mutually beneficial and balanced.  


Our internal supply chain expertise can help our partners navigate the enormous supply chain risks and challenges to the macro-economic climate today. Manufacturing today is entirely different to a few years ago, with challenges on manufacturing capacity, availability of components, logistics capacity/routes and rising fuel costs to name a few. As well as the global economic uncertainty around the War in Ukraine, China Tariffs, and inflation. We are ensuring we have coverage, capacity, and supply chain plans to manage uncertainty with our world-class people and partners. 

Managing supply chain disruption is part of our game plan for success and part of the culture of OKdo. The pillars of the resilient supply chain can be articulated on the below infographic. Strong relationship management built on mutual respect and collaboration is critical for our success and our ability to pivot, change or adapt to new ways of working quickly through the next disruption, is core to our thinking and planning. Through monitoring, continuous improvement and focus this mindset ultimately drives value for our customers and a competitive edge in the industry, now and in the future. 


Our manufacturing partners have world-class procurement and sourcing teams, ensuring continuity of supply of components to keep our promises to our customers. We have invested in internal resources within OKdo in procurement and supply chain to work alongside our CMs to ensure we negotiate and procure critical components to minimise the risk of supply chain disruption for our customers.  

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