Raspberry Pi HATs, pHATs & GPIO Connectors

49 items
IQaudio Codec Zero
IQaudio DigiAMP+
Raspberry Pi Build Hat
Bare Conductive Pi Cap
Justboom DAC Add-On Board
4-Channel 16-Bit Adc For Raspberry Pi (Ads1115) – 103030279
6ch Relay Board for Raspberry Pi product image
6 Channel Relay Board for Raspberry Pi
8-Channel 12-Bit Adc For Raspberry Pi (Stm32F030)
Argon FAN HAT for Raspberry Pi
Breadboard for Raspberry Pi Pico
Breadboard for Raspberry Pi Pico
DACBerry ONE+ soundcard for Raspberry Pi
HIFI AMP HAT for Raspberry Pi
HIFI DAC module for Raspberry Pi
IQaudio DAC Pro
IQaudio DAC+
Mini Black HAT Hack3R Debug Board For Pi
OSA DACBerry 400S Audio Card for Raspberry Pi 400
Raspberry Pi POE + Hat
Rs-485 Shield For Raspberry Pi – 103030295
Zymbit Developer HAT 1 product image
Zymbit Developer HAT 1 for Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson
Raspberry Pi Poe HAT
Grove Base HAT For Raspberry Pi
Grovepi+ Add On Board For Raspberry Pi
Grove Base HAT For Raspberry Pi Zero
Explorer HAT Pro Prototype Board For Pi
Respeaker 4-Mic Array For Raspberry Pi
Unicorn HAT Hd Rgb Led Matrix For Pi
Respeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT
Raspberry Pi Rs232 Board V1.0
Adafruit Pitft Plus 2.8In Capacitive Touchscreen
Justboom Amp Add-On Board
Automation PHAT Motor Control For Pi
Adafruit Pitft Plus Assembled 320X240 2.8″ Tft + Resistive Touchscreen
Automation HAT Motor Control For Pi
Raspberry Pi Click Shield
Raspberry Pi Relay Board V1.0
Justboom DAC HAT For Raspberry Pi
Adafruit Pitft Plus 320X240 3.2″ Tft + Resistive Touchscreen
Adafruit Pitft 2.4″ HAT Mini Kit – 320X240 Tft Touchscreen
DFRobot Gravity: Arduino Shield For Raspberry Pi B+/2B/3B/3B+
New Pmod HAT Adapter For Raspberry Pi
Adafruit Ultimate Gps HAT For Raspberry Pi
Modmypi PIoT Raspberry Pi Relay Board
Adafruit Pitft Plus 480X320 3.5″ Tft+Touchscreen For Raspberry Pi
Adafruit Dpi Tft Kippah For Raspberry Pi
Lipo Shim Battery Board For Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Poe Switch HAT – Power Over Ethernet


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