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Welcome to the OKdo Software & Downloads Hub! Here, you’ll find official software images for ROCK single board computers, as well as the OKdo Nano C100 Developer Kit.

There are official software images for a range of operating systems, including, Android, Debian, and Ubuntu.

You will also find software that we have written to help you get started with the OKdo Nano C100 Developer Kit, and the ROCK 4C+ Starter Kit.

Whether you’re a Debian devotee, an Android aficionado, or an Ubuntu buff, you’ll find the software you need right here and be ready to ROCK, straight out of the box!

Official Software Images

BoardOKdo Official Software ImageAndroidDebianUbuntu
ROCK 5 Model BAndroid 12 for ROCK 5BDebian Bullseye for ROCK 5BUbuntu Focal Server for ROCK 5B
ROCK 4 Model C+Android 11 for ROCK 4C+Debian 11 Desktop (Linux 5.10) for ROCK 4C+

Please use radxa/radxa to log in
Ubuntu 20 Server (Linux 4.4) for ROCK 4C+
ROCK 4 Model SEAndroid 11 for ROCK 4SEDebian 11 Desktop (Linux 5.10) for ROCK 4SE

Please use radxa/radxa to log in
Ubuntu 20 Server (Linux 4.4) for ROCK 4SE
ROCK 3 Model AAndroid 11 for ROCK 3ADebian Bullseye for ROCK 3AUbuntu Focal Server for ROCK 3A
ROCK 3 Model CDebian Bullseye 11 for ROCK 3CUbuntu Jammy for ROCK 3C
OKdo Nano C100 Developer KitOKdo Official Software Image for Nano C100 Developer Kit

Terms of Service

By downloading the software from this page you agree to the following terms of service:

The software and software links are provided to you “as is” and we expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or special damages, including, without limitation, lost revenues, lost profits, losses resulting from business interruption or loss of data, regardless of the form of action or legal theory under which the liability may be asserted, even if advised of the possibility or likelihood of such damages.

Useful Resources

We want to ensure that you have all of the tools needed to get ROCKing and creating amazing applications with your ROCK single board computer.

We recommend balenaEtcher, a user friendly Open Source Image Writer which is available on either Linux, Mac or Windows. It decompresses the download file, flashes the image and performs validation checks on the SD card image.

balenaEtcherbalenaEtcher for Linux 64bit

balenaEtcher for Linux 32bit
balenaEtcher for MacOSbalenaEtcher for Windows

Getting Started Guides

Now that you’ve found the software you need, why not check out our handy Getting Started Guides for ROCK? They’re simple-to-follow guides that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get your ROCK board up and running on your operating system of choice in no time!

Whatever your device of choice, we’re here to inspire you and help you explore a new world of possibilities!

Third Party Software Images

Do you prefer another operating system

Do you prefer another operating system? There are several third party software images available for our ROCK single board computers, we’ve highlighted some below.

Please note, OKdo is not affiliated with any third party software images.

ROCK 3 Series Third Party Software Images

Third Party Operating SystemsThird Party Resources
ArmbianBuild 2021-11-23

user : pi, password : armbian

Armbian Discord discussion
CRUX-ARMBuild 2022-10-29


CRUX-ARM Forum discussion
Manjaro Image ReleaseManjaro Product Install Wiki

Manjaro Discord Discussion
Slarm64 Core (unofficial slackware)

Slarm64 Server (unofficial slackware)

Slarm64 XFCE (unofficial slackware)
Build 2022-12-31


Slarm64 Forum discussion

ROCK 4 Series Third Party Software Images

Third Party Operating SystemsThird Party Resources
LibreELEC 10.0.2LibreELEC installation Wiki
DietPiDietPi getting started

DietPi installation Wiki

DietPi release notes
Slarm64 Server (unofficial slackware)

Slarm64 Enlightenment (unofficial slackware)

Slarm64 XFCE (unofficial slackware)
Slarm64 release notes

Slarm64 forum discussion
FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASEFreeBSD forum discussion
CRUX-ARMCRUX-ARM release notes

CRUX-ARM forum discussion
emteria.OS (based on Android)emteria.OS installation Wiki

ROCK 5 Series Third Party Software Images

Third Party Operating SystemsThird Party Resources
RebornOS ARM ROCK 5B BetaRebornOS ARM on Discord discussion – username and password are set upon installation

RebornOS ARM Installation Wiki
Slarm64 Server (unofficial slackware)

Slarm64 XFCE (unofficial slackware)
Build 2023-02-04


Slarm64 Forum discussion
DietPi ROCK 5B BullseyeAdded 2023-02-15

DietPi Installation Guide


Have a question about our software? Get in touch and one of our expert team will be in touch to guide you to the right products & services for your current or upcoming project.

With a blend of expert technical knowledge and commercial partnerships alongside innovative design & manufacturing capabilities, together we can achieve great things.


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