LoRA & Sigfox Network Modules

For years, LoRa and Sigfox modules have been mentioned in the same breath among developers. Both are major players in the low power, wide areas network (LPWAN) space and both produce the tools to build radio connectivity across Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

LoRa and Sigfox both provide a low-cost alternative to Wi-Fi. The modules available here at OKdo make it possible to send data back and forth for your project, whether you’re working with an Arduino microcontroller and the LoRa network or you’re building a Raspberry Pi computer using a Sigfox dongle. The Seeed Studio LoRaWAN gateway is Helium compatible and offers long-range coverage combined with powerful hardware and low power consumption.

Browse the range of LoRa and Sigfox gateways, modules and antennas available at OKdo and plan the perfect IoT project. Whatever you need, you’re sure to find the products you need to build seamless connectivity into your creation.
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