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Designed specifically for educational institutions, our smart education solutions are ready to help you to establish smart schools from key stage 1 to the university level.

Capable of everything from improving campus safety to resource tracking and enhancing the learning experience, we’re paving the way when it comes to cloud technology solutions for education.

Let’s code the future together – the possibilities are endless.

At OKdo, we help students and educational institutions with smart education technology solutions

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We’re passionate about preparing the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow with our smart education technology solutions.

We have partnered with leading education technology companies, such as BBC micro:bit, LEGO® Education, DFRobot, Sphero, Makey Makey, and more! And we know that to prepare future generations for the challenges life throws at them.

So, it’s important to equip schools with everything they need to work efficiently.

Innovative & robust solutions supporting:

Education Technology for Inspiring STEM Learning



LEGO® Education Coding Express 45025

  • Teaches preschool children 2-5 y.o. early coding, robotics & social skills.
  • Includes 234 LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, hardware & lesson plans.
  • Free Teacher Guide, video tutorials & getting started materials.
  • Easy-to-use app for iOS and Android for interactive learning.
LEGO Education Coding Express kit

Primary School

BBC micro:bit V2.2 Club

  • Features the best-selling BBC micro:bit board that makes learning to code fun and easy, ideal for beginners.
  • The micro:bit Club kit includes 10 micro:bit V2.2 boards and the essentials to get powered up and ready to programme.
  • It is the perfect teaching solution to learn how to code using the micro:bit in the classroom.
BBC micro:bit club kit

Secondary School

Arduino Starter Kit

  • The perfect introduction to the world of coding and electronics for all ages.
  • Includes the Arduino Uno, an entry-level board for those who are new to developing on the Arduino platform.
  • Comes with a helpful book that includes a step-by-step guide to get started and 15 exciting projects to complete.
Arduino Starter Kit

University Students

OKdo ROCK 4C+ Starter Kit

  • Everything you need to get started with the ROCK 4C+ single board computer in one handy kit!
  • Perfect for anyone interested in electronics at any level of experience, even beginners.
  • Multiple connectivity and storage possibilities and compatibility with a wide range of software.
  • Easy-to-follow getting starting instructions.
OKdo ROCK 4+ Starter Kit

Other Intelligent Hardware Solutions

At OKdo, we provide end-to-end products and services for every level, as well as tailored educational support for schools and universities. We work with educators, students and educational institutions to inspire, enable and unleash the potential of the next generation.

What are the benefits of technology in education?

Improve efficiency

Doing away with paperwork, our IoT solutions help schools to keep track of paperwork and supply management while allowing for joined-up decision-making across the board.

STEM Learning for Children in a computing class

Provide resources management

Resources in schools are precious. By developing smart education solutions for schools, institutions are given the power to make efficiency savings and reduce operational costs.

Drive up education standards

Instead of relying on outdated teaching methods, STEM education solutions help institutions to become connected. Linking learning in school, at home and in the community, we enable schools to provide connected learning environments where students can seamlessly access learning materials from anywhere.

What’s more, our STEM learning solutions can be used to inform students as part of a practical application learning activity.

Children learning STEM

Improve safety

As well as providing educational institutions with safety tools such as on-demand video and smoke sensors, we’ll help you to create IoT solutions that go far beyond the classroom.

We’re experts when it comes to creating smart transportation solutions using IoT to improve safety on school buses. Combining practical measures such as temperature control with real-time information about a child’s whereabouts and driver behaviour data, our smart transport solutions help keep children safe.

Design, develop, manufacture, and distribute with OKdo

Learn more about our smart educational technology services

OKdo is all about possibilities. Our expertise isn’t only as a seller of end-to-end SBC products. We also design, manufacture and offer many more services besides.

Resources you’ll love

We’re like the science teacher who created explosions rather than teaching from the textbook. Let’s show, not tell. Have a look at our Knowledge Hub and get inspired for your next smart education project.

Introducing BBC micro:bit – the next gen campaign

BBC micro:bit – the next gen campaign rolls out to schools across the UK this September 2023 – a groundbreaking nationwide effort that’s set to transform primary education.

Top 5 Arduino Projects: Beginner to Advanced Level

Arduino projects are an excellent way for students to learn how to build devices and how to program. Get your hands on a new project, and you’ll have the chance to use various input devices such as sensors, buttons, and online triggers. 

Coding for Kids: 5 Ways to Bring Coding to the Classroom

We’re big believers in the power of coding in education at OKdo. So if you’re looking for advice on how to teach coding to kids, read our practical tips below to help spark your students’ imaginations.  

Report: Computer Science in the Classroom (Updated 2022)

Demand for computer science talent is soaring in the UK tech sector, but our research shows that we still need more young people to consider this as their career to ensure the industry can continue to grow.

BETT Show 2022 Highlights: Top 5 Education Technology Trends

Looking for innovative tech solutions to introduce computing and programming learning into classrooms? We have had the chance to discover the latest education technology trends in 2022 that will make STEM learning accessible to everyone.

Report: The Broader Benefits of Learning to Code

Our extensive research has shown that Computer Science lessons also help improve children’s teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and creative thinking skills.

What other solutions might be interesting for you?

Industrial Automation


Smart Agriculture



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