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The BBC micro:bit is a mini computer that has been designed to inspire young people to get involved with technology as well as make coding fun and easy to learn for everyone. Using a unique combination of hardware and software, users can learn to write code to input on-screen via a PC or mobile then directly see how their micro:bit responds - bringing together the digital and real world. The micro:bit has a number of different inputs and outputs that are completely programmable so that creativity and imagination can flourish. Our micro:bit shop is overflowing with the latest official BBC micro:bit boards, awesome micro:bit kits as well as amazing add-ons and accessories for your device. In our micro:bit shop you will find a boards area containing the latest version of the globally successful pocket-computer, the BBC micro:bit. Now equipped with an on board speaker, built-in sleep/off mode and a new touch sensor! We also stock a range of brilliant kits to build amazing things including robots, smart watches and complete classroom kits. As well as a range of add-ons and accessories to use with the micro:bit, from power accessories to cables for connectivity and expansion boards. View more View less

117 items
BBC micro:bit V2 Club – 10 Pack of Go Bundles
191.18 inclusief BTW
DFRobot Environment Science Board for micro: bit (V1.0)
57.39 inclusief BTW
DFRobot Maqueen Mechanic
45.85 inclusief BTW
DFRobot micro: IoT – micro:bit IoT Expansion Board
42.96 inclusief BTW
Kitronik ARCADE for MakeCode Arcade
45.97 inclusief BTW
Micro:bit 30cm USB Cable – Black
1.97 inclusief BTW
Micro:bit 30cm USB Cable – Green
1.97 inclusief BTW
micro:bit Battery Case with on/off switch
1.26 inclusief BTW
OKdo micro:bit case product image
OKdo BBC micro:bit Case – Clear PVC (Pack of 5)
5.78 inclusief BTW
OKdo micro:bit Build a Paper Robot Kit
30.81 inclusief BTW
Pi Supply micro: bit Tinker Kit (zonder micro: bit)
58.43 inclusief BTW
Micro:bit Single Board
BBC micro:bit V2 – Single Board
18.09 inclusief BTW
BBC micro:bit V2 GO – Starter Kit
20.21 inclusief BTW
0.2m USB 2.0 Type A to Micro-B Cable, Anthra Line
2.36 inclusief BTW
7-segment for micro:bit
13.54 inclusief BTW
Air:bit 2.0 – micro:bit drone
119.58 inclusief BTW
Alligator Leads (10 pack)
4.39 inclusief BTW
Animatronic head kit for micro:bit
52.55 inclusief BTW
BBC micro:bit Bulk (300 units)
4,607.60 inclusief BTW
BBC micro:bit Club (10 pack)
192.91 inclusief BTW
Finch Robot 2.0 Image
BirdBrain Technologies Finch Robot 2.0 w/o micro:bit
161.72 inclusief BTW
Hummingbird Classroom Kit
BirdBrain Technologies Hummingbird Bit Classroom Kit
1,020.80 inclusief BTW
Hummingbird Premium Kit
BirdBrain Technologies Hummingbird Premium Kit
247.59 inclusief BTW
BitCar – Autonomous Line Following & Obstacle Avoiding Car for micro:bit
29.74 inclusief BTW
BitGadget Kit – Grove creator kit for micro:bit
48.80 inclusief BTW
BitMaker – Grove expansion board for microbit (6 Grove ports)
9.99 inclusief BTW
BitMaker Lite – Grove expansion board for micro:bit (3 Grove ports)
11.43 inclusief BTW
BitPlayer – micro:bit game controller
21.62 inclusief BTW
BitStarter Kit – Grove extension kit for micro:bit
24.36 inclusief BTW
BitWearable Kit – smartwatch with strap for micro:bit
21.57 inclusief BTW
Charger Kit for micro:bit
23.69 inclusief BTW
CO2 Sensor board for micro:bit
143.40 inclusief BTW
DF Robot BOSON Inventor Kit voor micro: bit
284.35 inclusief BTW
DF Robot BOSON Science Kit voor micro: bit
135.65 inclusief BTW
DF Robot BOSON Starter Kit voor micro: bit
74.95 inclusief BTW
DF Robot Gravity IoT Starter Kit voor micro: bit
84.64 inclusief BTW
DF Robot Micro: Maqueen Lite micro: bit Robot Platform
41.38 inclusief BTW
DFRobot 9g 180° Micro Servo (1.6kg)
4.53 inclusief BTW
DFRobot CR123A Li-ion Battery Holder for micro:bit Maqueen
5.86 inclusief BTW
DFRobot Gravity: Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor- Corrosion Resistant
8.34 inclusief BTW
DFRobot Gravity: Analog Waterproof Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor
21.53 inclusief BTW
DFRobot Gravity: HUSKYLENS – An Easy-to-use AI Vision Sensor
61.93 inclusief BTW
DFRobot Gravity: Non-contact Digital Water / Liquid Level Sensor For Arduino
14.62 inclusief BTW
83.43 inclusief BTW
DFRobot IO Extender for micro:bit (V2)
7.20 inclusief BTW
DFRobot Maqueen Plus
55.59 inclusief BTW
DFRobot micro: Breadboard
13.38 inclusief BTW
DFRobot micro: Circular RGB LED Expansion Board
14.46 inclusief BTW


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