• The Makeblock HaloCode is a perfect wireless single-board computer for students that makes learning to code easy and fun.
  • It comes with plenty of sensors, including 12 programmable colour LEDs, a motion sensor, a touch sensor and more.
  • Use HaloCode to create smart devices and build projects such as remote controlling of home appliances.
  • The HaloCode allows students to experiment with such AI technology as speech recognition.

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The Makeblock HaloCode is a perfect wireless single-board computer that allows students to learn programming in a fun and easy way. The board comes with plenty of sensors, including 12 x programmable colour LEDs, a motion sensor, a touch sensor and more. Students can use HaloCode to create smart devices and IoT models and build creative projects such as remote control of home appliances. The HaloCode introduces students to AI technology such as speech recognition.


Key benefits of the Makeblock HaloCode

With built-in Wi-Fi, creating an IoT project has never been easier.

With a built-in Wi-Fi module, students can use HaloCode and mBlock 5 to easily create smart devices platforms and IoT models, like remote controlling of home appliances.

The Mesh network technology makes it possible for two or more HaloCodes to communicate with each other. It enables students to make HaloCode do many more things, such as a tabletop drum pad.



HaloCode exposes students to AI Tech, such as speech recognition.

HaloCode features a built-in microphone that enables it to detect voice. Its cloud storage and Wi-Fi features give students the freedom to create unique projects based on speech recognition. Whether making a voice interaction toy or setting up a voice-controlled smart home, HaloCode is exactly what you are looking for.

Built-in Sensors make HaloCode multitalented.

HaloCode has 12 RGB LED, a Touch Sensor, a Motion Sensor and more. Students can use them to build an interactive rainbow lamp, create motion-sensing games, interact with the Sprites of mBlock 5, and even make themselves motion-tracking wristbands.

Move on to advanced Python with one click.

In mBlock 5, you can switch to Python coding with just one click. Python code changes in sync with the coding blocks in real-time so students can check how their programs look like in Python mode. It also satisfies the needs of teachers for advanced teaching. Of course, students can write code directly in mBlock 5’s Python editor.



Integration of hardware and software makes it fun to learn to code.

With mBlock 5, students can program the stage to create engaging projects. For instance, they can design puzzle games that are played by controllers. Using simple materials, they can create animations, games or stories that are unique.

By learning to code on hardware, students can see how their code works exactly in the real world and how coding benefits their lives. It helps students develop an intuitive understanding of the programming logic.

Technical Specifications

Model Makeblock HaloCode
Package Dimensions DIM (LDH):2*4.7*4.7 cm
Processor Core: Xtensa dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor;

CPU Clock Speed: 240Mhz

Chip – ESP32

Onboard Memory Flash ROM: 440K; RAM: 520K

Expanded Memory: SPI Flash: 4 MB; PSRAM: 4 MB

Communication USB Port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (Dual mode access to Mesh Routers)
Onboard Components 12 RGB LEDs, Motion Sensor, Microphone, Button, 4 Touch Sensors (4 I/O pins

that can generate PWM outputs; 4 digital input ports, 2 analogue input ports)

External Components Alligator clips, expansion board
Operating Voltage 3.3V
Software mBlock 5
Coding Languages Block-based programming language, Python
Platforms Compatibility Website: Above MacOS 10.10/Above Win7/Chromebook/Linux

PC Application: Above MacOS 10.10/Above Win7









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