Makeblock CyberPi Go Kit


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Makeblock CyberPi Go Kit

Makeblock CyberPi Go Kit

  • The CyberPi Go kit is perfect for teaching STEM subjects and introducing students to computer science.
  • CyberPi is a single-board computer that features advanced communication modules, electronic sensors and actuators.
  • Ideal portable kit for teaching Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Networks and the Internet of Things.
  • Powerful yet affordable board, suitable for every classroom and perfect for beginners and more advanced students.


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Product Details


This Makeblock CyberPi Go kit is a perfect portable kit that allows students to get started with computer science. The kit is the ideal solution for teaching and learning AIoT and Python. It includes the Pocket Shield, and with its battery, CyberPi can work without a cable. You can program it wirelessly via a computer or a mobile device and use a type-C USB cable when charging is needed.


What’s Included:

  • 1×CyberPi
  • 1×CyberPi Quick Start Guide
  • 1×Pocket Shield
  • 1×Pocket Shield Start Guide
  • 1×Type-C Cable

What is a CyberPi?

CyberPi is a programmable microcomputer designed to teach and learn AIoT and Python.

Although CyberPi is a small computer, it features a full-colour display, an independently-developed CyberOS system, multiple input devices, much larger storage, and various modules and sensors.

CyberPi is the perfect board for technological innovations, coding education and other educational purposes, making teaching and learning fun.



Key Features of the CyberPi Go Kit

Pocket Shield: The Pocket Shield powers CyberPi and extends its capabilities. It comes with a rechargeable, high-performance lithium-ion battery (800mAh), 2 DC motor ports and 2 servo ports. The servo ports connect to LED strips, Arduino digital, and analogue sensors.

Type-C Cable: You can program or charge CyberPi by connecting it to a computer or the Pocket Shield using type-c cables.

Key Benefits of the CyberPi Go Kit

Amazing solution for teaching Programming

With mBlock, CyberPi provides teachers with a perfect solution for teaching programming using hardware and software. It also allows educators to teach multiple coding languages, from Block-based programming to Python.

Powerful single-board computer

Being a powerful single-board computer, CyberPi can be used to teach a variety of subjects, including AI, Data Science, Networks and IoT.

Flexible and interactive learning experience

Cyber Pi, together with its Pocket Shield, is compatible with mBuild models and many 3rd party electronic components (e.g. Arduino sensors, Servos, DCmotos etc.), making it suitable for various classroom settings and teaching scenarios.

This portable kit allows teachers and students to bring their project with them and move it to a new location, making learning flexible and interactive.









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