Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit


Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit

Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit

  • Touch Board Starter Kit from Bare Conductive
  • Perfect introduction for beginners to explore the world of sensors in their environment
  • Complete 3 fun projects and build confidence
  • Contains everything needed to complete the projects plus extra
  • No programming experience required – perfect for any experience level

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Looking to make your world interactive but not sure where to start? The Touch Board Starter Kit from Bare Conductive is perfect for novices and includes all the tools you need to make an interactive project. The Touch Board Starter Kit contains a Touch Board, Electric Paint, essential components, and step-by-step instructions to complete 3 interactive projects, so you’ll have everything you need to turn any surface, object, or space into a sensor. And best of all, no programming is required!


What makes the Touch Board Starter Kit awesome?

Perfect for beginners – The Touch Board Starter Kit empowers users with all the tools and instructions to complete three projects with the Touch Board and Electric Paint. It’s the perfect kit for anyone who is keen to explore sensors in their environment but wants a fun set of projects to build confidence.

Complete 3 projects – The kit contains 3 fun projects that will help you build confidence and become familiar with the Touch Board and Electric Paint.

  • Project 1: Design an interactive poster – Make an image that talks and bring visual stories to life with your own sounds!
  • Project 2: Make objects interactive – Add intelligence and interactivity to the objects around you. Connect the Touch Board to any conductive object and give it a voice!
  • Project 3: Create a smart space – Build sensors into your environment. Detect intruders, trigger alerts, or automate sounds

No programming experience required – One of the best things about the Touch Board Starter Kit is that right out of the box, it’s ready for a touch-to-MP3 project, where you touch the electrodes, and the board plays an MP3 file. These files are stored on the microSD card that comes with the kit and doesn’t require programming to be changed.

Easy to reprogram – If you want a different function on the board then you need to change the code of the Touch Board. This is done with the programming platform Arduino IDE and there are loads of code examples to get you started.

The fun doesn’t stop once you’ve completed the 3 projects – The Touch Board Starter Kit is a stepping stone. The kit comes with plenty of paint to complete all three projects and more, so once you’ve completed the 3 projects you can apply what you’ve learned to designing your own interactive projects.

Contains everything you need – The kit comes with everything you need to complete three projects and some extra so you can carry on creating awesome interactive projects.

  • Electric Paint 10ml tube
  • Electric Paint 50ml jar
  • Touch Board
  • Instruction Guidebook
  • Mini speaker, stencil, paper cut-outs, micro-USB cable, and much more.

Looking for a greater challenge? – The Touch Board Starter Kit is a great tool for beginners or those looking to start from the basics to build their own ideas. If you’ve got a bit more experience or are looking for a greater challenge, then check out the Touch Board Pro Kit. It’s designed for users who are familiar enough with electronics and Bare Conductive’s technology to develop their own projects.







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