Bare Conductive Interactive Workshop Pack


Bare Conductive Interactive Workshop Pack

Bare Conductive Interactive Workshop Pack

  • Interactive Workshop Pack from Bare Conductive
  • Designed to give educators, Makerspaces, and professionals the tools to run a creative computing workshop with confidence
  • Complete 3 engaging projects and teach the basics of sensors, programming, and design to up to 75 participants
  • Contains everything needed to complete the projects
  • No programming experience required – perfect for any experience level and ages 10+

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Want to show how awesome interactive tech can be? Check out the Interactive Workshop Pack by Bare Conductive! It’s an awesome way to inspire a group through interactive design projects using Electric Paint, Printed Sensors, and the Touch Board. This kit has all the stuff you need to run three engaging workshops. So, whether you’re a teacher, running a Makerspace, or a professional organisation, and you’re aiming to host a computing workshop, this Interactive Workshop Pack from Bare Conductive is a fantastic way to empower individuals with electronics and give you the tools to lead the workshop with confidence.


What makes the Interactive Workshop Pack incredible?

Run a workshop with confidence The Interactive Workshop Pack is designed to equip workshop leaders and educators with a complete set of tools, projects, and instructions to run three engaging workshops using Bare Conductive’s core technologies with confidence.

Empower participants with 3 engaging projects The pack focuses on three creative projects that empower participants to use physical making and programming to combine design and electronics in creating smart interfaces. Workshops focus on creating musical instruments, game controllers, and interactive posters, and program the Touch Board via the Arduino IDE.

  • Project 1: Play music with paper – Use the Printed Instruments Sensors to create a MIDI orchestra. Participants connect their Touch Boards to printed sensors, select sounds, and play. Take it to the next level by designing custom instruments.
  • Project 2: Design game controllers – We’ve created a game so you can design the game controllers! Use Electric Paint to paint your interfaces and get playing. You can also modify the code and create your own rules.
  • Project 3: Make Interactive Posters – A presentation with a twist. Combine the Printed Sensors and Touch Board and let your poster do the talking

Inspire up to 75 participants with this pack – The Interactive Workshop pack comes with everything you need to lead three diverse projects, and each project can accommodate up to 25 participants. Depending on whether you’re using this pack in a classroom, at a Makerspace, or for a bunch of workshops, you’ve got options. You can either teach three separate lessons to the same 25 participants, boosting their skills along the way. Or you can switch it up and have a fresh set of 25 participants for each workshop, which means you can teach up to 75 people in total.

Suitable for ages 10+ and no previous experience required – The Interactive Workshop Pack taps into the Arduino IDE as a basis for programming the Touch Board so it can be used by anyone from age 10 and above. The pack is ideally suited for participants from ages 14+ who are interested in blending interactive design smarts with electronics. The best thing? It requires no previous programming or electronics experience and will suit both beginners and those with more experience.

Teach the basics of sensors, programming, and design – Not only will the pack give you the tools to lead the workshops with confidence, but your participants will also learn about sensors, programming, and design:

  • Sensors – how Electric Paint sensors work, how to connect to them using different materials, how to calibrate them to change sensitivity, how to modify their shape, and how to paint their own.
  • Programming – how to use the Arduino IDE to program the Touch Board, change code, and sounds, and calibrate sensors.
  • Design – how to use different materials to create interactive interfaces, how to apply Electric Paint and Printed Sensors to different surface

Projects can be completed in as little as 30 minutes – So, here’s the cool part about all three projects, they’re designed so that they can be extended by introducing a stage of customisation once the activity is completed. If you’re just rolling with the Guidebook steps without adding your own touch it should roughly take around 30 minutes for MIDI Instruments, about 45 minutes for the Interactive Memory Game, and anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes for the Interactive Posters.

What’s included in the Interactive Workshop Pack?

  • 5 x Touch Board
  • 4 x Electric Paint 50ml jar
  • 5 x Electric Paint 10ml tube
  • 6 x Printed Sensors
  • 6 x Instrument Sensors
  • 1 x Guidebook
  • 1 x Sheet carbon dots
  • 2 x USB hub
  • 5 x Mini speakers
  • 5 x MicroSD card
  • 5 x MicroSD card reader
  • 5 x Micro USB cables
  • 50 x Alligator clips
  • 60 x Sticky tabs
  • 6 x Velcro stickers







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