Arduino Tinkerkit Braccio Robot


Arduino Tinkerkit Braccio Robot

Arduino Tinkerkit Braccio Robot

  • Tinkerkit Braccio Robot Kit: A fully operational robotic arm from Arduino designed for desktop use, available in kit form.
  • Customisable Assembly: Assemble the kit according to your preferences and easily adapt it as needed.
  • Comes with a Braccio service shield: but you'll need to use your own Arduino Board.
  • Endless uses: Enables tasks like picking up objects, camera mounting for video calls, and solar panel tracking of the sun.
  • Comprehensive Starter Kit: Includes everything necessary to kickstart your exploration with the Tinkerkit Braccio Robot.

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Been wondering what to try next with your Arduino Board? Introducing the TinkerKit Braccio. This fully operational robotic arm is designed for desktop use and comes in kit form, so you can assemble it to your own requirements, and easily adapt it once made. A Braccio service shield is included in the kit but you’ll need your own Arduino Board. Then the fun really starts. Pick up and move objects, mount a camera and track your movements during a video call, or attach a solar panel and track the movement of the sun. The uses are endless!


We recommend that you plug in the board using the jack connection and use the 5V power supply that comes with it, making sure it’s regulated and provides 4000 mA.

There’s a built-in voltage regulator that safeguards the Braccio shield from higher voltages. Please note: if you connect the bridge between Vin and 5V on the Arm Robot Shield V1 the protection won’t work for the Arduino Yun.

What’s included with the Tinkerkit Braccio Robot?

  • Plastic Parts x 21
  • Screws x 63
  • Flat Washer x 16
  • Hexagon Nut x 7
  • Springs x 2
  • Servo Motors: 2 x SR 311, 4 x SR 431
  • Arduino compatible Shield x 1
  • Power Supply 5V, 4A x 1
  • Phillips Screwdriver x 1
  • Spiral Cable Protection Wrap x 1

Technical specifications

Fully assembled Tinkerkit Braccio Robot

Weight 792 g
Maximum operating distance range 80 cm
Maximum height 52 cm
Base width 14 cm
Gripper width 90 mm
Cable length 40 cm
Load capacity Maximum weight at 32 cm operating distance: 150 g


Maximum weight at the minimal Braccio configuration: 400g


SpringRC SR431 – Dual Output Servo

Control signal PWM Analog
Torque @ 4.8V: 169.5 oz-in (12.2 kg-cm)


@ 6.0V: 201.4 oz-in (14.5 kg-cm)

Weight 2.19 oz (62.0 g)
Dimensions 1.65×0.81×1.56 in (42.0×20.5×39.5 mm)
Speed @ 4.8V: 0.20 sec/60°


@ 6.0V: 0.18 sec/60°

Rotation support Dual Bearings
Gear material Metal
Rotation range 180°
Connector type J (aka Futaba)


SpringRC SR311

Control signal PWM Analog
Torque @ 4.8V: 43.13 oz-in (3.1 kg-cm)


@ 6.0V: 52.86 oz-in (3.8 kg-cm)

Weight 0.95 oz (27.0 g)
Dimensions 1.23×0.65×1.13 in (31.3×16.5×28.6 mm)
Speed @ 4.8V: 0.14 sec/60°


@ 6.0V: 0.12 sec/60°

Rotation support Dual Bearings
Gear material Metal
Rotation range 180°
Connector type J (aka Futaba)










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