We ROCKed at Embedded World 2023: Top Highlights & Trends in AI, IoT and Embedded Systems

OKdo at Embedded World 2023

We’re back from Embedded World 2023! We were thrilled to be part of the biggest global event celebrating all things embedded last week at NürnbergMesse Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg, Germany, between the 14th-16th of March.

We had an epic lineup of innovative product launches and amazing partnerships announced at #EW23.

So, let’s wrap up the event and explore the top highlights of #EW23 & trends spotted at the show.

We can OKdo this! 🚀

Summary of key highlights

Embedded World is one of the largest global events that offers unparalleled insight into the whole world of embedded systems. It’s a must-visit for anyone who wants to be ahead of the curve and be the first to know the latest innovations in core topics and industry trends. Let’s take a look together at what we’ve spotted at the show. 👀

NürnbergMesse: A Stairway to Embedded Heaven

Our team headed to NürnbergMesse in Nuremberg, Germany, last week and was getting ready to ROCK the show. 🤘🤘🤘 As the show was expected to attract over 30K trade visitors and 1000+ exhibitors, it did feel like we were entering the doors of Embedded Heaven.

What did we at OKdo present at #EW23?

From the next-gen ROCK SBCs, super powerful AI boards and components, to a full ecosystem of services that can help take your idea from paper to market, our booth at Embedded World was a dream come true to many engineers looking for a smart solution to help them boost their project.

Here’s a little overview of what you could explore at our stand during Embedded World this year:

OKdo at Embedded World 2023

Next Generation ROCK

See for yourself the awesome power and capability of our, not one, but two Generation 5 SBCs. Plus, check out the whole range of ROCK boards and modules, perfect for advanced multimedia applications.

OKdo at Embedded World 2023

How can AI help you?

AI is really having a moment right now. Discover how you can build its next moment with the likes of our new Nvidia Nano Developer Kit, OStream PipeRunner and Arduino Nicla Vision to really get everyone talking.

OKdo at Embedded World 2023

Best-in-class PRO tech

Need some serious kit to withstand high-capacity operations and hardy environments? Discover our solutions powered by ROCK Compute Modules, the Arduino Portenta, Debix, OStream, Otii, and more.

OKdo at Embedded World 2023

Our Services

Got big aspirations and need help getting there? We have a whole ecosystem of services, partners and solutions to enable success. Hardware design? We’ve got you. PCB Prototyping? Customisation or calibration? Sure, let’s talk!

Partnership announcements & Product launches

Our incredible partners from Useful Sensors, BeagleBoard.org, NVIDIA, LAIIER, ASUS, OStream, Arduino, Collabora, and others, have presented their latest leading technology solutions. They can power up a huge variety of applications and help us design a brighter future together.

We’ve discovered the revolutionary technology from BeagleBoard.org, designed to make Linux IoT development simple and fun.

We also learned more about how businesses can prevent costly water damage with the world’s first smart leak detection tape, Severn WLD, from LAIIER.

And ultimately, experienced the power of Ostream‘s PipeRunner’s clustered AI media solution with NVIDIA Orin, scaling from 20 to 800 Tops.

Explore the products displayed at #EW23 here.

OKdo partnership announcements at Embedded World 2023

Head to our Newsroom to learn all our latest news and releases announced at Embedded World this year. Read more about news from the show, key launches and partnership announcements in our #EW23 press release here.

Tech in Action. Discover some of our Demos

Besides all the insightful conversations we had with our visitors and partners at #EW23, our team of expert engineers have demoed some of the leading tech in action! Check out our projects below to discover how such boards as ROCK, Arduino and Nano C100 can support demanding applications that require image recognition capabilities.

This year Embedded World has promoted some key values under their motto “embedded. responsible. sustainable.”

Here are the main topics of the show explained:

  • Embedded: Modern design concepts of complex embedded systems are influenced by a variety of technological challenges. So, some key things to focus on this year are smart, efficient, safe and reliable software and hardware tools.
  • Responsible: As embedded systems are being used more and more in function-critical applications such as medical technology, mobility and industrial automation, it is important to ensure that they can carry critical tasks safely and reliably. Some important aspects to address are design, formal verification methods and ethical issues.
  • Sustainable: To ensure that embedded systems can be sustainable while playing a key role in various applications, it’s critical to address the entire life cycle – from design, manufacturing and operation to refurbishment, decommissioning and disposal.
  1. Embedded system technologies
  2. Edge AI
  3. IoT security
  4. Voice authentication
  5. Software tools
  6. Robotics
  7. Wireless data transmission hardware
  8. SoC design
  9. Embedded vision
  10. Human-machine interaction

Let’s discover the event through the lens of our camera

We were all eyes and ears and captured some of the key moments from the show on camera. Let’s explore #EW23 through the lens of OKdo.

  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023
  • OKdo at Embedded World 2023

OKdo Team & Partners about their experience at #EW23

Scott Carson, OKdo

“Embedded World has long been a cornerstone event for designers, engineers, and manufacturers alike. The chance to engage with fellow innovators on the cutting edge of technology, discussing new and exciting projects that have the potential to shape the future, imbues the entire community with a sense of energy and inspiration. Having explored the floor at this year’s event, it’s clear that the opportunities in AI and security are abundant, and witnessing the rapid advancements in hardware over the past year has been truly remarkable. Overall, this experience has deepened my understanding of the industry and left me eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in the coming year. Let’s Design the World!”

– Scott Carson, Global Product Manager at OKdo
Raul Hernandez Fernandez, OKdo

“Embedded World 2023 was an amazing show where the most active and innovative companies showed their new solutions and capabilities, so it was amazing to be part of the show helping OKdo. Embedded World is the biggest trade show about embedded solutions in Europe, and if you want to be a relevant player in distribution, you have to show your capabilities and partnerships and know how to attract clients and strong partners to work with. My biggest highlight was meeting with customers and partners. To see the amazing work that they did and the realization of the massive impact that OKdo can have on the community by linking customers with our partners’ solutions.”

– Raul Hernandez Fernandez, Applications Engineer at OKdo
Simon Lummis, OKdo

“I visited an Embedded World show for the first time this year, and I can say that it’s a big event that I enjoyed a lot. It’s given me a chance to learn a lot, uncover some really interesting questions and explore new applications for our technology. Being part of Embedded World was really important for us at OKdo, as that allowed us to engage with our future customers and suppliers and learn more about their views, applications and business needs that will ultimately help us propose the best-tailored solutions to their particular needs.”

Simon Lummis, Sales Manager UK & Ireland (UK) at OKdo
Ole Valeur, OKdo

“Embedded World is one of the key events for us at OKdo to connect with embedded system integrators, OEMs, key customers and partners. I’ve enjoyed all the opportunities that arise spontaneously at the show when speaking with customers and suppliers and exploring ways for us to work together and build a brighter future for us all. The best moment for me was observing the optimism that everyone brought with them to the event. Embedded World was one of the biggest trade shows in the industry happening post-Covid, so I could observe that everyone was happy to attend and find new ways of working. Despite the current economic situation, companies are still looking for new opportunities to develop innovative technology and build great things together.”

Ole Valuer, Senior Global Application Engineer at OKdo
Matt Johnson, CEO of LAIIER

“Embedded World 2023 had some solid post-Covid energy with people ready to create new projects and products. Smart buildings, environmental monitoring and (climate) impact seemed to be on a lot of agendas based on the demos that I saw. It is THE event to connect to the people who prototype, specify, and manufacture the devices that define our world. Connecting with the OKdo team, of course, has been the biggest highlight of the vent for me, as well as connecting with other companies on the OKdo stand. It was fantastic that OKdo was providing the platform to make these connections, and I think visitors felt it too.”

Matt Johnson, CEO of LAIIER

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