gaming slot machine

Automated Fruit & Slot Machine Preventative Maintenance Solutions

gaming slot machine

Has maintaining your slot machines got you in a spin?

As tech and the world develop at an unprecedented pace, smart gaming slot machines can provide an exciting, interactive and personalised gaming experience.

Whether you run an amusement arcade or have a couple of gaming machines in your pub, it’s important to know when there’s a fault so you can sort it.

Scale up with ROCK

If you’re looking into new ways to keep everything operating smoothly, introduce smart fruit machine maintenance. By incorporating tech, you’ll be able to spot an issue and get it fixed in no time. Using preventative solutions for your gaming machines, you can combine traditional maintenance with IoT to automate your systems.

Here at OKdo, we provide a range of solutions to help you get your slot machines operating with the latest innovations. You’ll hit the jackpot when you introduce smart maintenance to your fruit machines!


Did you know that all slot machines and electronic games in casinos are connected to an SBC like ROCK?

The SBC acts as a bridge to capture information on time played, monies received and paid, tracking loyalty card members and troubleshooting errors or issues with the machines.

Powerful Single Board Computers

  • High-performing & powerful Rockchip processor
  • Wide OS compatibility, including Android
  • Expandable storage capability
  • Supporting 4K & 8K displays

Flexible & Compact SoMs

  • Compact size for easy integration into different designs
  • Reliable & Powerful Rockchip RK3566 SoC
  • Quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A55 CPU
  • Flexible storage & wireless connectivity

Fully Customisable SBCs

  • Develop low-cost and efficient applications for embedded systems
  • Fully configurable design
  • Add or remove components
  • Your board, your way

What other technology can boost your slot machine maintenance?

Going for smart maintenance systems means you can take preventative action on your fruit and slot machines before a minor issue becomes a bigger problem.

Why choose smart preventative maintenance systems for your slot machines?

The Internet of Things has transformed almost every aspect of our lives – and that applies to the world of games machines too. From the one-off machine in a bar to full-blown casinos, this innovative tech can indicate when a machine is due to pay out, apply security measures, and let owners know when things aren’t running as they should.

Without smart preventative solutions for your gaming machines, all bets are off. Here are some of the reasons to make the switch from analogue to digital:

gaming slot machine

Interactive, customized experiences

With IoT technology and continuous innovation, you can make games fun and relevant for a new generation of players. Providing them with an interactive and customized experience means that your customers will keep coming back and that you’ll take the industry into the future.

gaming slot machine

Quick updates

Sensors can flag anything that’s gone wrong directly to a connected device, and you can then work out if you can get it sorted without having to shut the machine down for a full repair. This is because a lot of fixes can be done digitally.

Working with single-board setups like the customisable ROCK allows you to connect sensors and configure systems to deliver reports about your games machines in real time. So, you can be nudged into action and get everything fixed in no time!

gaming slot machine

High-quality gaming

As well as flagging when there’s an issue that needs fixing, regular smart fruit machine maintenance can keep things operating at the optimum level. This could lead to more people wanting to play as they know they’ll be able to enjoy a game without things going wrong.

gaming slot machine

Plan ahead

By upgrading to smart gaming machines, the preventative maintenance solutions you introduce will give you the chance to know when you might need to update or replace a machine. This is especially useful if you run a casino or amusement arcade. You can forecast when you’ll need to pay out for replacement parts and brand-new machines.

Learn more about our smart systems for games machines

Ready to win big with our smart maintenance setups? Speak to our team of experts, and we’ll answer your questions about how you can introduce IoT to your slot machine preventative maintenance systems.

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