Arduino UNO R4 WiFi

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  • The UNO R4 represents the fourth iteration of the popular Arduino UNO family
  • Same form factor, pinout, and 5 V operating voltage as its predecessor, ensuring a seamless transition for existing shields and projects
  • Expanded memory and faster clock
  • Extra on-board peripherals including a 12-bit DAC, CAN BUS, and OP AMP, providing expanded capabilities and design flexibility
  • Extended 24 V tolerance supporting wider input voltage range
  • HID device (to emulate a mouse or a keyboard)
  • Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®, QWIIC connector, support for battery-powered RTC
  • LED matrix ideal for creative projects with animations or plotting sensor data
  • Diagnostics for runtime errors

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Bienvenue aux derniers ajouts à la famille Arduino UNO, toujours populaire et fiable ; la gamme Arduino UNO R4. S’appuyant sur les caractéristiques existantes de la famille UNO que vous connaissez et aimez, la gamme UNO R4 bénéficie d’un puissant microcontrôleur 32 bits et de quelques nouvelles fonctionnalités incroyables qui en font l’outil de prototypage parfait pour tous, des débutants aux passionnés d’électronique expérimentés ! L’Arduino UNO R4 se décline en deux variantes, ici l’UNO R4 WiFi.


What makes the Arduino UNO R4 WiFi incredible?

The Arduino UNO range is renowned for being a user-friendly, robust, and accessible platform, it’s levelled-up and sets a new standard for prototyping and learning tools with the UNO R4 WiFi! Its 32-bit microprocessor offers more, memory, connectors, and connectivity options than previous generations, combine that with WiFi/Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, a fully-addressable LED Matrix, Qwiic I2C connector, RTC, and runtime errors diagnostics and you have the ideal solution for your prototyping needs.

Awesome new features
Let’s talk about some of the awesome new features of the UNO R4. It features several incredible new peripherals, including a 12-bit DAC, CAN BUS, OP AMP, and SWD port. These additions open a realm of new possibilities for makers to create incredible solutions and advanced projects.

Wireless connectivity that won’t leave you wanting
Easily create IoT projects with the UNO R4 WiFi, it features an awesome ESP32-S3-MINI coprocessor that enhances the capabilities of the RA4M1 microcontroller. Easily connect to the internet with its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

Onboard LED Matrix
The UNO R4 WiFi features a bright 96 dot LED matrix, perfect for creative projects using animations or for plotting sensor data without needing any additional hardware.

Qwiic I2C connector
UNO R4 WiFi includes an industry-standard Qwiic I2C connector that facilitates rapid prototyping, not only that, a huge range of compatible modules can be connector over I2C, greatly expanding the capabilities of UNO R4 and enabling you to easily create custom projects.

Diagnostics for runtime errors
UNO R4 WiFi features a built-in error detection mechanism that warns you about any operations that could potentially cause the board to crash, meaning you can develop your solutions with peace of mind.

Compatible with previous generations
It’s frustrating when a new generation of tech is released, and it is not compatible with the previous generations. The good news is that UNO R4 has the same pinout and 5V operating voltage as the UNO R3, so any existing shields or projects you’ve been working on can be easily ported to the UNO R4.

More memory, faster clock
With 16x more memory and a 3x faster clock, the UNO R4 Minima can perform precise calculations and handle complex projects with ease.

A robust device you can rely on
UNO R4 boards benefit from several protective features, including overcurrent protection on the pins of the RA4M1, and the circuit has been designed in a way to prevent wiring mistakes reducing the risk of damage to the board. It can be powered up to 24V depending on your needs.

Efficient debugging
The UNO R4 Minima features an on-board SWD port that provides a straight-forward and reliable way to debug any issues by simply connecting a third-party debugging probe.

Technical specifications

MCU R7FA4M1AB3CFM#AA0 (Arm cortex M4)
Memory 256KB Flash / 32KB SRAM
Operating voltage 5V
Input voltage 6-24V
Clock speed 48 MHz
Programming port USB-C
LED Matrix 12×8 (96 red LEDs)
Additional connections
  • Qwiic connector
  • OFF pin
  • VRTC pin
Digital pins 14
DAC 1 (12 bit)
I2C 1

Arduino UNO R4 WiFi Pinout Diagram:









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